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F1 Fans Left Seething as Brad Pitt Snubs Martin Brundle During Grid Walk

Brad Pitt has left Formula One fans furious after the actor snubbed Martin Brundle while on his grid walk at the US Grand Prix. Widely considered the ‘Voice of F1‘, Brundle routinely glides through the paddock on race day with a microphone, which sometimes makes for some cringeworthy interactions. With America home to the biggest celebrities on the planet, many high-profile talents lurked on the track. So, in typical fashion, he went searching for sound bites, but not everybody was down to chit-chat.

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In the middle of his Sunday stroll, Brundle spotted Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt on the track. The 58-year-old’s entourage provided a moat-like defence as he weighed through the crowd, but that didn’t stop Brundle from marching forward.

“Let’s see if we can have a chat with Brad Pitt,” he said as he stalked Pitt. “Brad, Martin Brundle from Sky F1. How are you doing?”

Not in the mood for questions, Pitt hit the throttle to bypass the interview. However, Brundle didn’t give up easily, chasing down the Oscar-winning star.

“Can you tell us a bit about this move?” Brundle asked.

To which Pitt, still legging it in the other direction, replied: “No, not yet! Top secret.”

He then made a mad dash for the exit, leaving Brundle no choice but to turn back.

Rejected live on air, Brundle handled the situation with a piece of brilliant quick-wit and wordplay.

“Somebody’s grabbing my shoulder… Obviously known as a Pitt stop if they don’t want you to talk to Brad Pitt,” he said.

Bravo, Brundle, bravo.

Many F1 fans were left seething online after Pitt snubbed ‘F1 royalty’. Take a look at the best social media reactions below:

Let’s hope the incident doesn’t impact his upcoming film based on the racing championship. For those who don’t know, Apple has secured Top Gun: Maverick helmer Joseph Kosinski’s Formula One movie, starring Pitt. Currently untitled, the actor will play a driver who comes out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie against the titans of the sport.

We now pray Brundle has signed up for a cameo role.

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