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Get Bricked Up for Burberry x Minecraft As They Blend Physical and Digital

If we had to write the words ‘Phygital’ one more time this year we might’ve had a brain aneurysm. Thankfully, with the NFT market continuing its immediate and catastrophic decline, brands have decided to step away from the money-laundering devices and into something real… like Minecraft. And while this isn’t the game’s first foray into the fashion space – having played with AAPE and Lacoste in the past – their collaboration with Burberry is the biggest leap yet in the post-NFT world. Let’s check it out.

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Burberry x minecraft biome 3

Image: Burberry x Minecraft | Burberry

Burberry x Minecraft will offer players the chance to explore four different biomes, with a total of 15 downloadable skins based on fashion, fantasy, and adventure. As far as we’re concerned, the chance to drip out your Minecraft character with a Burberry scarf is one thing, but the accompanying ‘real-life’ clothing collection is equally as exciting.

Members of the Burberry community will receive in-game items to use on a Minecraft adventure.

Confirmed Burberry x Minecraft pieces include a brick-style scarf with Minecraft imprints, a white t-shirt with the Burberry brick logo, Cap, and a Burberry x Minecraft grey hoodie with flower details. More information on release dates, pieces, and digital items is still to come. You can check out a preview of the collection via the link below and sign up for 24-hour early access to the full collection.

Check it out

Burberry x minecraft collection image 2

Image: Burberry x Minecraft | Burberry

Burberry x minecraft collection image 1

Image: Burberry x Minecraft | Burberry

Burberry x minecraft biome 4

Image: Burberry x Minecraft | Burberry

Burberry x minecraft biome 2 1

Image: Burberry x Minecraft | Burberry

Burberry x minecraft biome 1

Image: Burberry x Minecraft | Burberry

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