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MONCLER GENIUS x DingYun Zhang Collection

Words like big, bold, and otherwordly come to mind with the latest Moncler genius collection, “Underwater Futurism”, created with the expertise of Chinese designer DingYun Zhang. Getting a sneak peek during the MONCLER MONDOGENIUS fashion show last year, the ambitious release plays with our understanding of dimensions with its influence reaching the depths of the ocean below. 

1 moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

Driven to interpret the environments around him, the Central Saint Martins’ MA graduate DingYun Zhang only launched into the spotlight as recently as February 2020. His contemporary outerwear articles often reach gargantuan proportions beyond our imagination – quickly gaining momentum in the fashion world leading him to work with Kanye West on coveted YEEZY drops. Moncler, on the other hand, continues to be a leader in the technical outerwear space, with the brand naturally gravitating toward Zhang’s exhilarating approach to design. Considering his intuitive understanding of function, padding, and volume, the silhouettes come at a time Moncler continues to push its creativity to unconventional horizons. 

In tune with Moncler’s ethos for the outdoors, Zhang not only took inspiration from the mountains but scoured the limitless diversity and mystery of the underwater world. Calling to mind spineless sea animals and organic forms, Zhang channelled these organisms through his conceptual garments. The jackets’ colour range also recalls natural coral hues using a mix of brown, blue, and green to create a striking assortment. Colliding with the wild, the otherwise boxy build of the puffers channel human activity in extreme conditions of the ocean, calling to mind inflatable pools and vests. 

7 moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

As he shared on Moncler’s website, “I am all for big volumes that sculpt the body into new forms. I took inspiration from underwater creatures to devise pieces that float lightly, in a colour palette that resembles the coral and fungi that naturally grow on top of sculptures submerged in the deep sea”.

However, with DingYun Zhang, there’s more than meets the eye. The collection itself is crafted with unique methods like thermo-glued irregular quilting. Adjustable Chinese style knotted buttons, hidden zips, and thumb-hole ribbed cuffs add functionality to each jacket. In addition, the enormous volumes obtained through lightweight fabrics give a timeless illusion that suspends them in the environment.

4 moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

The Iaphia Long Down Jacket is a standout piece that balances an abnormal tessellated pattern in a muted brown tone. It’s pretty obvious this coat doesn’t require much layering as the cut hits right at the ankle. These visionary vests with punctured holes bring us back to the peculiar textures found in the sea. Thrown on as a layer to the crinkled nylon ensembles, the looks are nothing short of eye-catching.

These pieces may be challenging to style in a day to day look; nevertheless, Zhang and Moncler pave a strong vision for the future of outerwear. Under Zhang’s creative direction, these playful garbs will never leave us out in the cold. If you’re keen to see the collection in its glorious puffer action, check out the video below. “Underwater Futurism” is now available for purchase on Moncler’s website.

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8 moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

Moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

2 moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

5 moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

6 moncler genius x dingyun zhang

Image: Moncler

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