Shine On – Executive Shine Box from American Shine Co.

Shoe shining is one of those pastimes that feels like something from a bygone era but remains as popular as ever. That’s because even in the age of casual business wear and working remotely a well-kept pair of expensive shoes is like a great watch or sharp haircut in that it can still make a profound impression. Will shiny shoes land you the job or close the deal? Probably not. But if it’s between you and your raggedy loafers and someone with recently polished Wingtip Oxfords and you’re both bringing the same qualifications to the table, don’t be surprised when they go with other guy.

executive shine box wood color

If you’re someone who strives for classic professionalism then check out the Executive Shine Box from the American Shine Co. The Executive brims with elegance and refinement. Each one is hand-made using the finest chestnut, emanating with premium craftsmanship and perfectionism and hosting its own inimitable shine just like a pair of polished Brooks Brothers.

For some extra cash not only do you get the shine box but the American Shine Company Kit as well. That includes two Horsehair Shine Brushes, two Horsehair Polish Daubers, black and brown shoe polish, leather conditioner, a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and a Cotton Flannel Polishing Cloth. And if all that still isn’t enough, go the full upgrade route by getting an engraved plaque attached to the underside of the box lid. Viva la elegance!

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