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Action bronson x new balance 990v6 ‘lapis luzuli

Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 ‘Lapis Luzuli’ Release Date Revealed

Rapper, songwriter, chef, pro-wrestler, television presenter, and now, second-time New Balance collaborator. Action Bronson’s ‘Lapis Luzuli’ 990v6 has received a release date for Australia, with the shoe releasing on 30/06/2023 at 10:00 am (Australia/Melbourne time) at AUD$380 on and Up There.

This is the second colourway of the 990v6 collection that comes with a pared-back scheme of blue, green, and cream hues balanced by highlighter touches and rope laces. MADE U.S. footwear contains a domestic value of 70 per cent or more.

Action bronson x new balance 990v6 ‘lapis luzuli heel detailing
Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 MADE in USA ‘Lapis Luzuli’ | Image: Supplied

In a release, Bronson describes the organic nature of the collaboration, “It’s hard when you’re trying to create something. It’s best when things just happen. They just fall into place where they must be, and the Lapis Lazuli is a perfect example of this. It’s high elegance, thoughtful, and harmonious.

“It’s like the Japanese practice of placing flowers, twigs and everything in its own nature around it in a very gorgeous and artistic way. Just pleasing to the eye. This shoe is aesthetically pleasing with every line drawn. Every little edge. The fluorescents that are hitting me from every angle. I see 15 different blues on there using only 7 blues.

“This is like a mineral that’s been forming over millions and millions of years and has finally just been released through a chisel. It’s been unchiseled from the depths of the rock. And now it’s here. It’s the perfect vehicle for your foot. Did I mention that there are like 15 different blues on here? Purple is blue. It’s city boy blues. This is what happens. This is what happens when you’re from Queens.”

Action Bronson’s ‘Lapis Luzuli’ 990v6 will release on 30/06/2023 at 10:00 am (Australia/Melbourne time) at and Up There. The shoe is priced at AUD$380.

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