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Shrek x crocs top down

Give Swampcore With This Shrek x Crocs Collaboration

Need proof that Shrek isn’t just a kid’s movie? Check out the latest Crocs collaboration. While etched in our memories from that very first iconic viewing experience as young ones, we aren’t the first to say that we will choose to watch Shrek on a hungover Sunday before anything else, and as a result, we watch it at least three times a year. Maybe more.

Undisputedly one of the best movies of all time, what better way to memorialise Shrek, Fiona and of course, Donkey than with a pair of Crocs? Yes, Shrek Crocs have officially arrived and this is no drill. Everyone’s most loved, unapologetically ugly shoe, Crocs, has well and truly made a comeback, and if you haven’t already started your Croc collection, now is the time thanks to the new ‘Shrek Crocs’.

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Shrek x crocs side on
Shrek x Crocs | Image: Supplied

Truly a dream come true for Shrek lovers, there was even a petition from 2018 asking to “Make Shrek Crocs Real,” and now, the wait is over and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Shrek Crocs (with ears!) are available in sizes for adults, kids, and toddlers, so everyone can bring out their inner ogre, whether it be around the house, out and about, or even when kicking your feet up to watch your favourite film (Shrek, obviously) you really can’t go wrong with a pair of the latest from Crocs. Adult sizes are available for $59.99, a steal if you ask us.

If Shrek Crocs aren’t already enough, you can complement your ogre ears or even bling up your other Crocs too thanks to the latest range of Shrek-themed shoe charms, Jibbitz or nature Jibbitz – perfect for that iconic, ‘Swampcore’ look.

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Or, if you have already snagged a pair of Shrek Crocs, Crocs has a range of other cartoon character shoes for more unique looks including the likes of Margaritaville Crocs, Pop Tarts Crocs, Lisa Frank Crocs, Barbie Crocs, and even Crocs with fanny packs. 

Whether you love them or you hate them, Shrek Crocs are here to stay. They are the perfect amount of green and unequivocally Shreky, and while they may not be the prettiest shoe of all time – as Shrek would say – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Shrek x crocs top down 2
Shrek x Crocs | Image: Supplied

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