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Baselworl 2022 confirmed

Baselworld is Back: Iconic Watch Fair to Return in 2022

Baselworld is back. The beleaguered watch and jewellery trade show that unceremoniously fell out of favour with some of the world’s biggest brands is set to make a triumphant comeback. In a statement released on Wednesday, Baselworld organisers revealed that the event would be returning in March/April 2022, just two years after it collapsed with the exit of key brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe and Swatch Group and LVMH brands.

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At the time, the abdication of marque names left Baselworld in the balance, however, the worst was yet to come. The impact of COVID on the global market sealed the fair’s fate, forcing Baselworld to shut up shop. But it appears the event organisers have learned their lesson. For the 2022 iteration, Baselworld will be a B2B platform focused heavily on the mid-range luxury segment, as opposed to the ‘spectacular’ appearance of luxury brands in the sector. According to Baselworld managing director, Michel Loris-Melikoff, the future concept combines trends in the experience marketing market with the needs of the entire community in the mid- and high-end segment.

“After the Corona Pandemic had stalled BASELWORLD over the last two years, we took a lot of time to talk to our partners and exhibitors,” Loris-Melikoff said. “One thing became very clear: the BASELWORLD brand must remain, but it must fundamentally change.”

Baselworld 2022 confirmed

For the first time, Baselworld will place its eggs it the smaller market basket, allowing boutique watch and jewellery manufacturers, and gemstone traders to present their products in full. Loris-Melikoff also confirmed that the new event would be held at the same time as other trade fairs taking place in Geneva.

Baselworld 2022 will launch in autumn, with the digital platform set to become a forum open for the industry experts, the public and the media. The event organisers claim new tools for content creation will be used, suggesting a maximum “touch and feel” experience will be on offer. In fact, Baselworld is claiming the event will be the first independent platform that combines digital and live events.

“Everyone will meet on our platform. The brands, the manufacturers, the retailers, the fans and the media,” Loris-Melikoff said. “We will offer attractive conditions and prices for all brands that want to benefit from this unique platform.”

While you could argue Baselworld 2022 won’t have the same pull it once did, the revitalisation of one of the world’s biggest watch fairs is a sign of the times. Confidence appears to be returning to the international market, and with the event now in reach for smaller players, new doors may soon open. Baselworld 2022 will be held March/April 2022 with further information to be revealed closer to the date.

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