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Best military watches

12 Best Military Watches for Everyday Carry

Far more than just functional fashion accessories, the best military watches represent utility and durability. It’s no wonder that soldiers and survivalists have made these tactical watches an essential part of their EDC arsenal for decades. Our list below includes everything from full-blown army watches to dive watches and simple good-looking timepieces on NATO straps. Let’s take a closer look!

Best Military Watches at a Glance

Highlights from our list include the following:

Now you’ve read our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

Best military watches hamilton field mechanical
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical ref. H69439931 | Image: Hamilton

1. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Price: from $950 AUD

  • Pros: This is a great mechanical field watch priced under $1,000 that offers a perfect case diameter, comfort on the wrist, and classic military-style design and heritage. It also works great on a variety of straps and can dressed up or down accordingly. A classic for any enthusiast or beginner collection.
  • Cons: Not a great option if you want something ‘dressy’, we’d steer you towards the modern iteration called the Khaki Field Auto that offers a stainless steel bracelet and date window.

We still find it amazing that you can pick up a Swiss-made mechanical field watch for less than $1,000 AUD, especially one that offers 80 hours of power reserve, a quality stainless steel case (perfectly proportioned), and sapphire crystal. Formally an American brand, the watches were manufactured in the United States until 1969. Hamilton was an official supplier to the US Army, with the Field Khaki being a recreation of its most famous 1960s military model. Today, through a series of mergers, it’s owned by The Swatch Group and we believe the quality has only improved in the years since.

This is a modern version of the watch that American GIs took into combat, so it’s ideal if you want an authentic military watch. It’s a compact piece with a modest 38mm case, a utilitarian dial layout and bucketloads of vintage charm. The case has a matt finish and the strap is a one-piece design, handy if it needs to be quickly replaced. Finally, to capture the spirit of the era the watch is hand-wound.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 38mm
Case thickness: 10mm
Movement: Hamilton Calibre H-50 Movement
Power reserve: 80 hours
Water resistance: 50M
Crystal type: Sapphire
Strap: Canvas NATO

Seiko turtle srpe93k
Seiko Turtle SRPE93K | Image: Seiko

2. Seiko ‘Turtle’ SRPE93K

Price: from AU$725

  • Pros: This is THE classic Seiko Dive Watch (Turtle) and it doubles as one of the most affordable automatic watches on the market. Technically proficient, the 41 hours of power reserve is substantial for a watch at this price point.
  • Cons: You’ll have to try before you buy because the larger 43mm case is too big for some wrists. You might also struggle with the case thickness, it’s not a lightweight dress watch by any means.

Even among Seiko’s back catalogue of iconic watches, the Seiko 6105 stands out as an obvious highlight. Available to American soldiers during the Vietnam War, it was a rugged piece that blended military aesthetics with dive watch functionality. When Martin Sheen’s character – Captain Willard – wore the watch in ‘Apocalypse Now’ its legendary status was guaranteed.

With an army of Seiko enthusiasts desperate to get this piece on their wrists, Seiko has periodically created new takes on the Captain Willard. However, we’ve selected the classic SRPE93K reference for its accessibility and price point. The signature turtle-shaped case remains, as does the eye-catching 4 o’clock crown. Of course, like any great Seiko, it’s powered by an automatic movement (4R36) with 41 hours of power reserve.

We’d recommend this one to folks with larger wrists because the case is quite large at 44mm in diameter. Nevertheless, it’s made from quality stainless steel and offers 200M of water resistance.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 44.3mm
Case thickness: 13.4mm
Movement: Seiko 4R36 automatic
Power reserve: 41 hours
Water resistance: 200M
Crystal type: Hardlex
Strap: Urethane

Bertucci a 2t field watch
Bertucci A-2T Field Watch | Image: Bertucci

3. Bertucci A-2T Field Watch

Price: from $250 AUD

  • Pros: This is a great choice for when you want to keep things simple but showcase a little watch nerd knowledge with a 4 o’clock crown, small date window, and titanium construction. It’s a little powerhouse.
  • Cons: We’d love to see Bertucci release a mechanical variety of this watch. It’s hard to go back from an automatic Hamilton to a quartz watch, even though it’s technically more accurate and reliable!

While it looks similar to the Hamilton Field Khaki at first glance, Bertucci’s A-2T is made from solid titanium (A-2 is stainless steel) and includes a date window at 4 o’clock. Harnessing the styling of U.S. vintage military watches but with a modern quartz movement and lightweight case, the A-2T Field Watch is an authentic nod to history that is also ideal as a rugged allrounder. It’s also highly legible at night with Swiss Super Luminous material that won’t deplete any battery or require a button push.

This also wears a little larger on the wrist at 40mm in diameter compared to the Hamilton, but we prefer the size and it’s more comfortable with a crown repositioned to 4 o’clock.

It also ticks all the basics with great water resistance, scratch-resistant hardened mineral glass, and a rugged one-piece nylon strap that can be quickly swapped out.

Case material: U.S. Patented solid titanium Unibody case
Case diameter: 40mm
Case thickness: 11mm
Movement: Japanese Quartz
Water resistance: 200M
Crystal type: R-TYPRE Mineral
Strap: B-TYPE heavy-duty nylon webbing band

Longines heritage military ref l2 819 4 93 2
Longines Heritage Military ref. L2.819.4.93.2 | Image: Longines

4. Longines Heritage Military

Price: from $3,925 AUD

  • Pros: Classic pilot-style watch with an outstanding power reserve of 72 hours and good-old Longines reliability and craftsmanship at a fair price point.
  • Cons: It might be a pilot watch, but the water resistance, thickness, and pseudo-vintage dial subtract rather than add to the experience of ownership.

No list of military watches would be complete without an offering from our favourite affordable Swiss luxury watchmaker, Longines. Having supplied the British Royal Air Force with aviation watches for over two decades, they have a back catalogue filled with wonderful military-inspired models, but it’s the Heritage Military that often flies under the radar, especially when compared to the Avigation Bigeye, etc.

We love this one for its simplicity. Uncomplicated, you’ll find a three-handed piece that forgoes a date window and bold dial text in favour of a simpler style that emphasises the blue-coloured hands. They’re a little ornate but contrast beautifully with the dial and strap. Look closely and you’ll see the dial has a faux patina that mimics the ageing of a vintage watch. Overall, the look is that of an authentic military watch, as issued to previous generations of pilots.

On the wrist, it wears comfortably with a modest case size of 38.5mm and a thickness of 11.7mm. We’d prefer this one if the thickness was closer to 10mm as you can still struggle to get it underneath a sleeve, but the diameter of the case does help shrink the overall size. It’s not too heavy either at just 69 grams.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 38.5mm
Case thickness: 11.7mm
Movement: Calibre L888 Automatic
Power reserve: 72 hours
Water resistance: 30M
Crystal type: Sapphire
Strap: Leather, but NATO is available

Apple watch ultra 2
Apple Watch Ultra 2 | Image: Apple

5. Apple Watch Ultra 2

Price: from AU$1,399

  • Pros: The best choice for any iPhone user who wants to head into the unknown in safety and with plenty of technology strapped to their wrist.
  • Cons: If you’re truly heading remote it would be great to get more battery life (competitors offer more, including solar recharging), and we struggle with the immense size of the watch even though it’s made from lightweight titanium. If you’re not an iPhone user, look at Garmin.

If you want absolute practicality, it’s hard to look past a smartwatch and if you’re an iPhone user the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is your best bet. As we found in our review of the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s so much more than a watch, offering the wearer a host of apps, functions, and connectivity options that soldiers of the past could only dream of.

The watch itself is a robust piece that has proven popular with endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The recycled titanium case gives the watch a solid foundation and houses an improved and brighter screen.

Don’t think for a second, however, that this is any sort of meaningful dress watch. It’s enormous on the wrist at 49mm in diameter and thick as all get out. There’s a redeeming aspect in the fact that it’s made from titanium, but it’s so large you’ll probably forget it anyway. Still, being so large it’s easy to use the touch functions on the screen and there are plenty of them: Blood Oxygen, Temperature sensing, and Emergency SOS being some of our favourites for the outdoors.

Case material: Titanium
Case diameter: 49mm
Processor: S9 SiP
Battery life: 36 hours
Water resistance: 100M
Crystal type: Sapphire
Strap: Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, Ocean Band

Best military watches cwc british military g10
CWC British Military G10 | Image: CWC

6. CWC British Military G10

Price: from $540 AUD

  • Pros: Used by the British Army in the 1960s, this is a classic military watch that has retained its design and level of craftsmanship.
  • Cons: It’s quite expensive for what is a very sub-standard product by today’s standards. It’s quartz-powered, it only has 50 metres of water-resistance, and the crystal is made from acrylic.

In Britain, the Cabot Watch Company G10 military watch is a legend. The first iterations were issued to the British Army in the 1960s and it’s been a fan favourite ever since. When Hamilton withdrew from the competition to win Ministry of Defence contracts its UK Managing Director launched his own brand, CWC. As an ex-serviceman he understood just what the military needed in a watch and since 1980 CWC has supplied the British Army with over 200,000 G10 watches.

We love how simple this military watch has remained in the time since with reliability and legibility trumping everything else. It’s a smaller watch with the case coming in at 36.5mm and as a practical piece, it’s quartz-powered.

There’s 50M of water resistance – so you won’t be taking it diving – but it features a unique hatch on the rear that allows the battery to be changed with nothing more than a coin.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 38mm
Movement: ETA F06.402 Swiss quartz (3-4 year battery life)
Water resistance: 50M
Crystal type: Acrylic
Strap: Canvas NAT

Shop at CWC

Resco instruments dlc aqua font
RESCO Instruments DLC Aqua Font | Image: RESCO

7. RESCO Instruments DLC Aqua Font

Price: from $3,420 AUD

  • Pros: Tasty and simple design that takes all our favourite elements from the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and adds an authentic boutique touch. Details in the customisable bezel, indicators, and seconds round out a fantastic offering from this up-and-coming brand.
  • Cons: The case design is lacking for a watch at this price point. Yes, it’s highly functional with 300m water resistance, but it’s monolithic and uses hard lines and edges.

Authenticity is at the heart of American brand Resco, a company founded by a retired Navy Seal and his Coast Guard wife. Having tested their watches in challenging environments, the couple then committed to producing several hundred watches a year. 

The DLC Aqua Font is a very functional watch that sums up the brand’s ethos. It’s tough and features a black angular case and a matching black bezel. The overall style is one of practicality, pairing a robust case with a highly legible dial. The markers and hands are prominent, making for easy reading, and the Swiss-made automatic movement ensures reliability. Resco watches are designed, assembled and tested in the US and are a great alternative to the big name brands.

Interestingly, you can choose your preferred bezel style: classic diver, 12 hour, and tidal style.

Case material: 316L stainless steel DLC black finish
Case diameter: 42mm
Case thickness: 13mm
Movement: Sellita SW200 automatic self-winding
Water resistance: 300M
Crystal type: Flat sapphire crystal with a single inner anti-reflective coating
Strap: Black thin nylon strap

Bulova mil ships 98a266
Bulova MIL SHIPS 98A266 | Image: Bulova

8. Bulova MIL SHIPS 98A266

Price: from $1,450 AUD

  • Pros: Automatic, reliable, correctly sized, gorgeous indicators, the list goes on. There’s a reason this is so hard to find!
  • Cons: Unfortunately, it’s too thick for our liking (15mm). Our Seiko Turtle is thinner (13.4mm) but even that’s a stretch for fitting under dress shirts. Sadly, this one is a weekend only option for most.

Sticking with the theme of authenticity is the MIL SHIPS 98A266 from Bulova. Like Tudor’s PO1 below, it’s a remake of a prototype that never quite made it into production – again, a design from the 50s that was submitted to the US Navy. The appeal of this vintage-inspired piece is obvious with both the dial and the bezel reminiscent of Blancpain’s 50s masterpiece, the Fifty Fathoms.

This more affordable alternative boasts automatic movement, a distinctive double-domed sapphire crystal and a bezel that locks into place when not in use. At 41mm in diameter, it’s very wearable and will make for a versatile watch. We do wish it was a little thinner though, 15mm is a little thick for wearing with a suit.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 41mm
Case thickness: 15mm
Movement: Miyota 82S0 automatic
Water resistance: 200M
Crystal type: Sapphire
Strap: Fabric

Bremont supermarine s302 gmt
Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT | Image: Bremont

9. Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT

Price: from AU$5,650

  • Pros: Well priced, technically proficient with 300 metres of water resistance, and boy does it look good! Getting a quality GMT for under $6,000 usually means ‘Tudor’ but not anymore.
  • Cons: We’d love to see more power reserve, the Tudor GMT alternatives are offering 70 hours and we’d like to see at least that here.

Young British watchmaker Bremont doesn’t have the long-standing history of the established brands on our list, but it more than makes up for that with its impact. Founded in 2002 by two aviation-mad brothers, the brand has already established a partnership with His Majesty’s Armed Forces and proudly displays the emblems of the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force on its watches.

The Supermarine S302 GMT is a handsome piece that mixes dive watch aesthetics and functionality with aviation features – ideal for a military environment. It’s a mid-sized dual-time zone watch that offers a small-brand alternative to the more famous Rolex GMT-Master II and Tudor’s Black Bay GMT.

Technically, there’s 300M water resistance, an automatic movement with 38 hours of power reserve, and a familiar rotating dive watch bezel.

We love this one for its comfort on the wrist. Measuring 40mm in diameter and 13mm thick it’s one of the sleekest divers on our list. It’s also a highly detailed model with unique designs on the hands (boasting 20 coats of Superluminova), vintage-style indicators, and an orange triangle-tipped GMT hand. The case also has a gorgeous shape, as does the crown.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 40mm
Case thickness: 13mm
Movement: Calibre BE-93-2AV automatic
Power reserve: 38 hours
Water resistance: 300M
Crystal type: Anti-reflective Sapphire
Strap: Vintage Leather Strap

Blancpain fifty fathoms automatique
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms ref. 5015 1130 052B | Image: Blancpain

10. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique

Price: from $22,100 AUD

  • Pros: Outstanding 120 hours of power reserve. Attention to detail is second to none on our list from the indicators to the red tip of the second hand. It’s beautiful.
  • Cons: Very expensive and therefore targeted at an audience that doesn’t truly need or care for diving functions. It’s also rather large at 45mm in diameter. Still, a modern classic.

Swiss luxury brand Blancpain has a history stretching back over 200 years, but it’s best known for its iconic Fifty Fathoms model. Originally made for the French navy’s elite SCUBA squad, the Nageur de Combatand, it’s become a sought-after model in the wake of a MoonSwatch-style collaboration with Swatch. Built to the specifications laid down by the Navy, this distinctive watch was launched in 1953, a year before the Rolex Submariner.

The design is now instantly recognisable and features an oversized bezel that is easy to rotate and read. It does wear a little big on the wrist at 45mm in diameter, but we love how the styling is restrained and practical. Of course, it looks expensive (because it is expensive) but it’s a modern diver and works with a suit or a t-shirt on the weekend when you’re going for a more casual look.

It’s also technically outstanding with 120 hours of power reserve and 300 metres of water resistance.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 45mm
Movement: Calibre 1315 automatic
Power reserve: 120 hours
Water resistance: 300M
Crystal type: Sapphire
Strap: Sail Canvas or Stainless Steel Bracelet

Shop at Blancpain Shop at Watches of Switzerland Shop at Chrono24

Tudor black bay p01 m70150 0001
Tudor Black Bay P01 ref .M70150-0001 | Image: Tudor

11. Tudor Black Bay P01 M70150-0001

Price: from AU$6,390

  • Pros: Well-priced and delivers most of the technical specifications from the big players at a fraction of the cost: 200 meters of water resistance and 70 hours of power reserve.
  • Cons: Often outshined by other models in Tudor’s line-up, including the recently released Black Bay Pro that comes in a more wearable 39mm case diameter. Wears rather large and thick (14.4mm).

Tudor is another big name that boasts a fine military heritage, with the award-winning Pelagos FXD being its headline military model. That watch references the robust dive watches Tudor created for the US Navy through the 50s and 60s and is the go-to model for those wanting a modern-day MilSub experience. But for those with a taste for the unusual, Tudor created the PO1.

The PO1 is a chunky dive watch (14.4mm thick) that was originally offered to the US Navy, although it never made it into production – the P stands for ‘prototype’. It’s an eye-catching watch that features an in-house automatic movement with 70 hours of power reserve, 200M of water resistance and a utilitarian design.

We love the signature snowflake hands that add some familiarity to a watch that feels intentionally designed to contrast with the brand’s normal elegance.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 42mm
Case thickness: 14.4mm
Movement: Calibre MT5612 (COSC)
Power reserve: 70 hours
Water resistance: 200M
Crystal type: Sapphire
Strap: Brown leather strap with folding clasp

Best military watches rolex milsub ref 5517
Rolex ‘MilSub’ Ref. 5517 | Image: Rolex

12. Rolex ‘MilSub’ Ref. 5517

Price: from $200,000 AUD

For many watch geeks, this is the holy grail of military watches – Rolex’s military-issued Submariner. The Submariner is a highly desirable watch in its own right, but this British Navy edition is special because the MOD did something you’re not supposed to do – they asked Rolex to alter a watch design. The new watch was made in small numbers, with only 1200 ever issued. Of these, less than 200 are thought to have survived.

The Milsub, as it’s known, features distinctive sword-shaped hands, a larger bezel than the standard Submariner of the era and a lume that has now aged and shows a beautiful patina. Of all the military watches to own, this scarce dive watch tops the list.

Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 40mm
Movement: Calibre 1520 (Rolex)
Water resistance: 200M
Crystal type: Sapphire
Strap: Brown leather strap with folding clasp

Alternatives to These Military Watches

These are the military watches that didn’t quite make the top of our list:

  • Seiko 5 SNK809 (from AU$274): The SNK809 from Japanese legends Seiko is all about the bang for the buck. It’s an affordable mechanical watch that offers the essential features required in a military watch at a price point accessible to most buyers. As a part of Seiko’s 5 lines, it has the core tenets of that collection, namely, an in-house automatic movement, day and date, water resistance, an ergonomic crown at 4 o’clock and a durable case. It’s a modest watch with an understated diameter of 37mm and a height of 11mm. Marketed as a durable all-rounder, it’s a great introduction to the world of military-style watches and an ideal everyday beater.
  • Garmin Fenix 7 Pro Solar (from AU$1,349): The Garmin Fenix 7 Pro Solar is an obvious competitor to Apple’s Ultra 2, with both watches doubling down on supplying the latest features. Garmin has a watch for every sport, but we’re pleased to note that the Fenix 7 Pro Solar is more of an allrounder, an attribute we appreciate in military watches. Like Apple’s offering, the Fenix is equipped with GPS functionality and a titanium case, there’s also a sapphire crystal and the all-important solar charging. With so many variations of the Fenix 7 available, we’d suggest you take a closer look at the range to determine which set of functions best suits your own needs – there’s sure to be one built for the job.
  • Traser H3 Military P6600 Type 6 (from AU$880): It’s a hard watch to find in Australia, but the H3 Military is a textbook EDC watch that offers a reliable Ronda Quartz movement with day-date function, scratch-proof crystal sapphire and a bidirectional, rotating steel bezel with a Trigalight insert. Our overall favourite feature of this one is the use of materials with a steel inner case, carbon fibre outer case and black NATO strap.
  • Casio G-Shock GA100L-8A (from AU$180): You can’t mention well-built military watches without the G-Shock GA100L-8A. In addition to its durable construction, this piece offers a full auto-calendar via an analog-digital dial with an LED display. Giving the piece some extra tactical allure is a khaki shade on the case and strap.
  • Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 Full Metal (from AU$999): G-Shocks were already famed for their durability before Casio released an upgraded metal variant. This formidable watch takes the styling and functionality of the popular digital watch and adds a more robust and distinctive metal casing. The result is a stunning watch that references the early G-Shock models but with a more eye-catching appearance. This latest iteration boasts both Bluetooth connectivity and solar charging, making it a practical outdoors or military watch. The tough metal case and bracelet offer a level of sophistication not seen in the earlier resin models, while also offering protection to the all-important digital display.
  • Marathon TSAR Military Diver (from US$1,200): Built to government specs, the TSAR Military Diver from Marathon is designed to aid with search and rescue missions at sea. Water-resistant to 300m, powered by a quartz movement and equipped with tritium gas tubes for the built-in glow, this one’s a true lifesaver. Marathon is a true favourite among military-grade watch brands, without a doubt one of the best tactical watches.
  • Breitling Cockpit B50 (from AU$4,800): At the higher end of the price, spectrum is the Cockpit B50 chronograph from Breitling. The military watch pairs analog and digital displays inside a 46mm case of lightweight titanium. Additionally featured are duo time zone and perpetual calendar complications, two alarms, a countdown timer, an electronic tachymeter and so much more. Get on board with this elite digital tactical watch for the toughest of men.
  • Timex Expedition Metal Field Watch (from AU$110): Timex prides itself on offering excellent value for money when it comes to watches and the Expedition Metal Field is a perfect example – a handsome vintage-inspired military watch for around one hundred dollars. For that, you get a surprisingly robust field watch, very much in the vein of classic American watches from Hamilton and Bulova. The tough metal case is 37mm wide and it houses a militaristic-style dial and a reliable quartz movement. The rugged leather strap reinforces the military aesthetic and the Indiglo Night-Light feature illuminates the whole dial.
Best military watches mwc navigator
MWC Navigator | Image: MWC

Why You Should Trust Our List

We’ve been running one of the best watch blogs on the internet for years and have a team of experts dedicated to determining what makes a good military watch. Each year, we travel from our home base in Sydney Australia to the other side of the world to visit the ‘Watches & Wonders’ convention where we try out and test the best watches in the world, including plenty of military options. We put these watches on our wrists, write notes, and then test them when we get back home to determine the quality of the pieces themselves. However, on the rare occasion that we don’t have first-hand experience with a watch, we have to use our (and industry professional’s advice) to compile our lists.

If you think there’s a military watch we should test for a spot on this list, please get in touch via our contact form.

Different types of military watches
Image: Racim Amr

Different Types of Military Watches

As you might expect, there are tons of variety to be found when comparing one military watch to the next. However, for the sake of simplicity, the tactical watch category is frequently broken down into three types:

 Types of Military Watches
Heavy DutyThese are the hefty (commonly digital) behemoths that pack in as much functionality as you can possibly imagine. Think of the Casio G-Shock as a starter point and work out from there.
TacticalMinimalist by design, field watches are typically distinguished by their slim bodies and highly legible dials. What they lack in broad utility, they make up for in durability and accessibility. These are truly some tough watches for men.
Pilot WatchModelled after aircraft gauges, pilot watches usually feature large, readable dials and high resistance to atmospheric pressure. Great for jumping out of aeroplanes, Operation Dumbo Drop style. Definitely, an EDC watches if you’re a pilot.

Your FAQs Answered

What should you look for in a military watch?

Whether you’re G.I. Joe or Average Joe you’ll want the same thing from your military watch: supreme functionality and resilience. To heed the call, a number of these watches incorporate prime materials and a wide range of built-in tools.

When looking for a quality tactical watch, you should consider if it’s equipped with tools like a barometer, compass, thermometer, tachymeter, alarm, or tritium gas. Is it Bluetooth enabled? Does it have water resistance to at least 100m? Does it have a high ATM (i.e. can it withstand quick changes in atmospheric pressure)? Does it employ high-grade sapphire crystal or a quartz movement? Is it scratch-proof? Is it shock-resistant? These are just some things to consider when buying one.

Who are military watches for?

At their cores, military watches are geared toward people who live on the edge of survival. We’re talking soldiers of fortune, paratroopers, marines, extreme sports junkies and anyone else who might need to hop out of a plane or plunge into the water at a moment’s notice.

To be clear, that doesn’t mean a regular Joe can’t reap plenty of enjoyment from a solid tactical watch, it’s more to say that tactical watches themselves should be judged according to how well they perform their intended duties.

In that regard, the best military-grade watches need to be utterly durable, consistently operational and endlessly resourceful. These are not fashion statements – these are tools. Whether you go with a quartz watch or a different movement mechanic, these are meant to strengthen your chances of survival.