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Porsche Design Chronograph 1 GP 2022 Unveiled

It’s hard to argue that Porsche isn’t a brand that is for the ages. It has stood the test of time, no doubt, but it also has shown an incredible aptitude for forward-thinking. Just as evidence, consider the inception of Porsche Design. Under the hands of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Porsche Design was founded in 1972, just 40 years after the brand launched itself. “Butzi,” the same designer who created the original 911, was tasked with applying his skills to other products, including sunglasses, watches, and other accessories. That work included the Chronograph 1 watch. Now, Porsche is updating that classic watch for a new generation, celebrating 50 years since the original launch.

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Porsche chronograph

The Porsche Design special edition Chronograph 1 is built around a 40.8mm titanium case (in lieu of the original steel version used in 1972). Inside the case is a COSC-certified WERK 01.140 calibre automatic movement, which offers a 48-hour power reserve with a PD-Icon rotor and has flyback functionality. Just like the original, the new Chronograph 1 features a blacked-out aesthetic, which includes everything from the carbide-coated titanium of the case to the bracelet.

Porsche is limiting the run of this commemorative watch to just 500 numbered examples, with each price at USD$7,700. In conjunction with the release of the watch, Porsche is also debuting a pair of special 911s. The first is a 1972 Targa that has been fully restored and will go on display in Porsche’s museum. The second is a more modern take on the ’72 Targa—a 992 Targa 4 GTS. Anyone who buys one of these special Targas will also be given the chance to purchase one of the watches, creating a matching set that no one else will be able to lay claim to. That’s a design that even Butzi couldn’t argue with.

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Porsche design special edition chronograph 1 front

Image: Porsche Design

Porsche design special edition chronograph 1 back details

Image: Porsche Design

Porsche chronograph 1

Image: Porsche Design

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