Must-See Movie Trailers - April

Must-See Movie Trailers April 2020

Man. With COVID-bloody-19 going on, it’s safe to confirm that if Netflix wasn’t already the supreme chancellor of content – it definitely is now. With fewer studios looking to take the box office hit, the streaming platform is this writer’s main source of trailer fodder. They are honestly killing it. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Netflix board of Directors – who we can only presume are a murder of crows with top hats and gold necklaces who instead of ‘cawing’, simply bury their beaks into swimming pools filled with money and drink deeply like the rich little shits that they are – have come out of COVID-19 completely unscathed.

Unlike the rest of us plebs.

But we have to be thankful cos, well, movies are our friend and Netflix makes movies. And with many of us being majorly housebound, good movies make our house prisons a much better place. For those new to the column, here at Man of Many, we are huge fans on all things ‘film’. From Chris Hemsworth cracking necks and riddling people full of bullets in ‘Extraction’ to horrible zombie spider people in ‘Peninsula’ – if the trailers red-hot, we’ll have a gander and let you know about it. So without further ado, here is Man of Many’s list of Must-See Movie Trailers in April 2020.

Capone Official Trailer

Starring Tom Hardy as the insidious man himself, the new Capone movie doesn’t hone in on the infamous gangsta’s glory days. Instead, we’re treated to the abstract and thus far untold story of his decline. From what we can gather, having served 10 years in prison, the now 47-year-old Capone is out and free to go back to his wicked ways. That is until he’s diagnosed with early-onset dementia and is plagued by the haunting memories of his past. If the trailer is anything to go by, we can expect significant violence, a shitload of cigars, at least one Tommy gun and a weird skin problem that is crying out for a dab of moisturiser.

Extraction Trailer #1

Hell. Yes. Bby. Extraction is exactly the kind of ball-tearing, arm-breaking, gun-toting, heartwarming, hilarious, cliched, over-the-top action flick the world needs right now. Hailed as the next John Wick – but with bigger muscles and a much cooler accent – Extraction stars ya boy, Chris Hemsworth as a black-market mercenary who has nothing to lose – that is until he takes a job rescuing the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. Featuring seedy drug dealers (who will inevitably cop the hard knuckles of justice) and gun runners (same fate), and a deadly mission that’s near impossible, Extraction earns bonus points for us for attempting to tie in an actual emotional story, amongst the carnage. And guess what? It’s out on Netflix now – get to it.

Peninsula Teaser Trailer #1

Feeling a bit too settled at the moment? Are things not apocalyptic enough for you? Are you perhaps also crying out to see a screeching zombie spider comprised solely of corpses and screeches? Then boy, do we have the trailer for you. In what can only be described as nightmare fuel with some major anime vibes, the follow up to the popular, surprisingly thoughtful Train to Busan is nothing like its predecessor – which will have fans on the fence, and newcomers potentially delighted by the injection of action-movie steroids.

Love Wedding Repeat Official Trailer

Like Four weddings and a Funeral for a new generation, coupled with some major ‘Death at a Funeral’ vibes, Love Wedding Repeat is a total mish-mash of trope. But, it honestly looks like it might somehow work. Honing in on a bloke called Jack (Sam Claflin) as he tries to make his sister’s wedding day go smoothly, we’re treated to a myriad of misadventures including; an angry ex-girlfriend (Freida Pinto), an uninvited guest with a secret, a misplaced sleep sedative, and the girl that got away (Olivia Munn). The twist? These mishaps all exist in alternate versions of the same day. Perfect for a bit of weeknight movie fodder, there’s little chance you’ll hate or love this movie – it just simply ‘is’.

The Half Of It Official Trailer

Cue the adolescent feels. The Half of It is nearly exactly what you’d expect – shy-girl is enlisted by jock to help him be more eloquent. But instead of ultimately noticing her (maybe she takes her glasses off if the ’90s are anything to go by) and falling in love, having babehs etc, etc, the shy-girl falls for the same girl. Because it’s 2020 people, get with the times! Shame on you for thinking it would go any other way. The redeeming qualities of this presumably cliched piece of garbage, is self-isolation isn’t the most communal situation and godammit, maybe a bit of corny, free-range love is exactly what we all need right now. We approve – be sure to check it out on Netflix.

How To Build A Girl Trailer

Following a very presumably schizophrenic teen with newfound aspirations of becoming a rock music critic, How to Build A Girl looks like it has a lot of heart and more than a few laughs up its sleeve. An indie film with a surprisingly star-studded cast (including Emma Thompson, Jameela Jamil, Lucy Punch & Alfie Allen), one word comes to mind when watching the trailer: Joy. And we all need a bit more of that right now.

Jack In The Box Trailer

Jesus fucking christ, no thank you. Starring, the worst little box puppet in the literal world, and a dad who should know better than to open up boxes full of nightmares, Jack In The Box is likely scarier as a trailer than in longer-format. That said if you’re not a fan of clowns (and with Jack in The Boxes’ being, at the very least, clown adjacent) this trailer will have you springing up unexpectedly in no time.

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