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Shit the bed vodka 1

‘Shit the Bed’ Hot Sauce Infused Vodka is Now a Thing

You better hope this hot sauce doesn’t actually make you shit the bed, because that would just add insult to the mouth injury you’ll be enduring at the hands of this hot sauce-infused vodka from Aussie company, Bunsters. Entitled ‘Shit the Bed’, the Perth-based CEO Renae Bunster decided one day to turn the iconic hot sauce into a spicy vodka to pour out en masse. Naturally, people are going wild over the addition of Bunsters’ answer to “bland hot sauce” to vodka martinis, shots, and of course, a bloody mary.

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Shit the bed vodka 1

At AUD$70 a bottle for pre-order, the hot-sauce vodka is expected to start shipping in September or October. The idea came to Renae when she was stuck at home during COVID-19 lockdowns, drinking a bloody mary. Revealing she may have had more than just one, Renae said the vodka got her thinking about how she could make the drink faster, and just like that, “Shit the Bed infused vodka was born!”

“The result is amazing… it’s unreal” said Renae, stating that all the heat and flavour of Shit the Bed hot sauce has been infused directly into the vodka. Describing the vodka to one worried social media user, Bunsters said it is “hot enough for you to notice, good enough that all you need to do is mix it with tomato juice for an amazing Bloody Mary.” So no, it’s not going to blow your head off or make steam come out your ears like a Looney Tunes cartoon, but still, we don’t recommend this to the sensitive types.

Shit the bed vodka 1

Bunsters Black Label hot sauce was featured at the number 7 spot in Season 6 of Hot Ones, marking the first Australian hot sauce featured on the immensely popular online interview program hosted by Sean Evans of the YouTube channel First We Feast. At the time, Renae claimed the sauce hadn’t even been finished yet when creators of the show asked for thousands of bottles to be sent to their New York Studios, forcing Bunsters to get it out the door in under two weeks.

Now with Australia’s favourite Hot Sauce being infused into vodka, people all over Australia can taste “an incredible craft distillery vodka infused with all the chilli and flavour of the #1 best-selling Shit the Bed hot sauce.”

Unfortunately for everyone else, you’ll just have to join the waiting list. Mate.

Check it out

Shit the bed vodka 1

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General FAQ

Where is Bunster's made?

Bunster's is an Australian owned and operated company.

What is the hottest hot sauce in the world?

Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 is the world's hottest hot sauce with a scoville hotness unit of 9 million.