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Drinking Games Just Got Classy with These Wine Lovers’ Playing Cards

For most party-goers, it usually takes a few drinks before the playing cards come out, but that might soon change. Engineer and product designer Rob Hallifax has just unveiled Wine Cards – a new way of playing cards designed to satiate the oenophiles amongst us. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, looking for an interesting gift, or just keen to play some cards and learn more about wine at the same time, these cards are all you need.

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Wine Cards | Image: Rob Hallifax

Wine Cards look just like regular playing cards, but with a difference. The cards contain tonnes of useful information about wine, so you can play cards all the while discovering new wines, understanding wine lists and food pairings, and learning to make smarter choices and have fun with wine.

The 52 cards each cover different wines, regions or wine grapes. There’s a brief overview, then information about the characteristics of the wine, what to look for on labels, food pairing, and other useful facts. Some of the cards have graphics showing characteristics like sweetness, acidity and body. These can then help you choose wines or point you towards new wines to try. In addition to the 52 wine cards, there are four extra cards (the jokers) that have information on both sides to help you out. And yes, the cards contain useful wine information and facts, but they’re also great classic ol’ playing cards!

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Wine Cards creator Rob Hallifax

Do you ever have a moment where you think, ‘I literally can’t name a single wine except for the trusty bottle on the middle shelf of your local bottle shop that you reach for every time?’ Well, with these cards you can discover new wines while having fun, so it’s a win-win.

In the deck, look out for similar descriptions of wines on the cards, or look at the graphics as a shortcut. For example, if you like Sauvignon Blanc (J♠), see what you think of a Grüner Veltliner (7♠). End up being inspired to try a favourite grape from a different region to your regular. Also, get to know wine lists, so you start to recognise the key grapes and regions from the cards.

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Wine Cards | Image: Rob Hallifax

Rather than buying just for the pretty label (let’s be honest, we all do it,) these cards can help you out in the gift-buying department when it comes to choosing a quality bottle of wine, for its taste and mouthfeel. The cards will arm you with the knowledge to make more thoughtful choices in those situations. Plus, learn how to save money by learning all about wine bargains. For example, instead of Champagne (3♦) you can try a Cava (2♦) for a fraction of the price, particularly if it’s called for in a cocktail.

Created by a certified wine-lover, Rib Hallifax, who also has a WSET Level 2 Award in Wines in London, Wine Cards are the result of months of research distilled into 52 regular-size playing cards – created with the aim to provide useful info combined with hours of endless fun.

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Wine Cards | Image: Rob Hallifax

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Wine Cards | Image: Rob Hallifax