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Kenny’s Pork Rolls banh mi

14 Spots for the Best Banh Mi in Sydney

Anthony Bourdain once described the famous Vietnamese sandwich, banh mi, as “a symphony in a sandwich” and we are inclined to agree. A delicious fusion of the French baguette on the outside and Vietnamese flavours on the inside, it’s a match made in heaven for sandwich lovers, and unsurprisingly, the Sydney banh mi crowd is one of the pickiest. When it comes to choosing the best pork roll in town, the jury is out on the spicy, creamy, tangy, crunchy and soft sandwiches, stuffed with meat. Luckily for you, we’ve put our spin on the top picks. Here is a list of spots for the best banh mi Sydney has to offer.

marrickville pork roll street view

1. Marrickville Pork Roll

Marrickville Pork Roll is always a bustling hole in the wall for locals and city dwellers. The popular place has some of the best Banh mi Sydney has to offer, mostly for their generous and delicious fillings and incredible price point. Most rolls sell for just $4 and the quality is out of this world.

Known for: pork crackling Banh mi, pate
Address: 236a Illawarra Road, Sydney NSW 2204
Phone: +61 0420 966 368
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 6.45am-5.30pm

Marrickville Pork Roll

hong ha bakery street view

2. Hong Ha Bakery

Crispy baked rolls and fresh ingredients are what you can expect at Hong Ha Bakery. Offering some of the best banh mi in Sydney, the lines here can get pretty long at lunchtime and is a local favourite for pork roll fiends. Try the schnitzel roll for something a little different than the usual pork.

Known for: chicken lemongrass rolls, crispy rolls
Address: 1151 Botany Rd, Mascot NSW 2020
Phone: +61 02 9360 2523
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 5.30am-4.30pm

Hong Ha Bakery

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Best banh mi in sydney top ryde bakers house

3. Top Ryde Baker’s House

Head over to Top Ryde Baker’s House for some of the best range of pies, sausage rolls and of course, freshly made banh mi in Sydney. Crusty bread rolls bursting with fresh crunchy vegetable, scintillating meats and delicious sauces, check out Top Ryde for your next banh mi craving.

Known for: lemongrass beef, crispy pork
Address: 109 Blaxland Rd, Ryde NSW 2112
Phone: +61 02 9807 8989
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-7pm

Top Ryde Baker’s House

great aunty three interior

4. Great Aunty Three

Tradition meets inspiration at Great Aunty Three, especially when it comes to the best banh mi in Sydney. Slightly bigger than your standard roll with some unique and fancy fillings like seafood, pork crackling, duck and more. You’ll be singing Great Aunty Three’s praises to everyone you meet.

Known for: caramelised pork, pork crackling banh mi
Address: 115 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW 2042
Phone: +61 02 9281 8882
Trading Hours: Mon 10am-3pm, Wed-Sun 10am-3pm

Great Aunty Three

viet hoa hot bread street view

5. Viet Hoa Hot Bread

Want some of the best banh mi in Sydney anytime you want? Then Viet Hoa Hot Bread is the place for you! Open 24 hours a day you can get crispy and flavourful banh mi literally whenever the mood strikes you. Lunch, dinner, or 3 in the morning, Viet Hoa is the perfect spot for a midnight feast.

Known for: crispy bread, pate, pork roll
Address: 107 John St, Cabramatta NSW 2166
Phone: +61 02 9728 2518
Trading Hours: 24 hours

Viet Hoa Hot Bread

yellow fever banh mi pork roll

6. Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is something special and offers some of the best banh mi you can get your hands on in Sydney. Meat is marinated for a whole day and lovingly prepped for their delicious Vietnamese dishes. The banh mi is to die for with topping like five-spice pork and crackling pork belly.

Known for: five spice pork banh mi, pork belly banh mi
Address: 133 Regent St, Redfern NSW 2016
Phone: +61 0410 577 266
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-3pm

Yellow Fever

kennys pork rolls meals

7. Kenny’s Pork Rolls

If you’re after a cool place with Vietnamese style street food and Asian fusion, Kenný Pork Rolls have got you covered. The signature pork belly roll is raved about and for good reason. If that’s not enough, the prices are super affordable and a great option the next time you’re looking for a bite to eat in Darlinghurst.

Known for: signature crispy pork belly, soft shell crab
Address: 159 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone: +61 02 9360 2523
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 10.30am-4pm

Kenny’s Pork Rolls

alex ‘n rolls banh mi pork roll


Alex ‘n’ Rolls are stuffing bread rolls day in and day out. Bursting with fresh ingredients and succulent meat, this unassuming little place will quickly become your new favourite. The bread is doughy while being crispy on the outside and the meat is all prepared in-house and generous servings are a real draw for return customers. Check it out the next time you’re in Marrickville.

Known for: bbq pork, crispy pork belly
Address: 321 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2024
Phone: +61 0412 374 339

Alex ‘n’ Rolls

vinatas bakery interior

9. Vinata’s Bakery

Vinata’s Bakery is not only a place for delicious cheese and bacon rolls but some of the best fresh banh mi in Sydney. The real winners here is the delicious homemade pate and mayonnaise, taste bud thumping BBQ sauce and owner Vu’s tangy secret sauce. Don’t miss the opportunity to try them out next time you’re in Bonnyrigg.

Known for:
Address: 100 Bonnyrigg Ave, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177
Phone: +61 02 8750 4550
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-5.30pm

Vinata’s Bakery

banh mi bay ngo interior

10. Banh Mi Bay Ngo

For over 30 years Banh Mi Bay Ngo has been serving the Bankstown community some of the best Vietnamese cuisine and banh mi in Sydney. Still family-run, the legendary restaurant offers fluffy baguettes with a crispy crunch, fresh veggies and a nice chilli kick. For the ultimate banh mi, ask for a fried egg, it’s a game-changer.

Known for: chicken banh mi, bbq pork
Address: 49 Bankstown City Plaza, Bankstown NSW 2200
Phone: +61 02 9709 8106
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 6.30am-6pm

Banh Mi Bay Ngo

sydney pork rolls street view

11. Sydney Pork Rolls

Serving up some of the best pro rolls in Sydney since 2012, Sydney Pork Rolls is a real contender for the best banh mi in Sydney with their traditional and also unique banh mi toppings. An unassuming little hole in the wall, this place screams authenticity and won’t break the bank with most rolls starting at $4-$5.

Known for: crunchy bread, chicken gravy sauce
Address: 627-627a George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000
Phone: +61 0420 620 688
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 8.30am-6.30pm

Sydney Pork Rolls

mr crackles street view

12. Mr Crackles

Mr Crackles offers some unique combinations in their banh mi rolls like the chicken katsu with Asian slaw and wasabi mayo but you can’t go wrong with the Mr. Crackles classic banh mi. For vegetarians, there’s a delicious spice roast pumpkin banh mi with caramelised onions, tahini and spinach.

Known for: bbq pork roll, classic pork roll
Address: 2/4 College Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: +61 02 9360 2523
Trading Hours: Wed-Sun 11-3pm 5-10pm Tue 5-10pm

Mr Crackles

alinas bakery interior

13. Alina’s Bakery

Located at the Pennant Hills Market Place, Alina’s Bakery offers up some of the best banh mi you can get in Sydney with its dedication to fresh ingredients. Their fresh bread is baked every day and is the backbone of their delicious and classic banh mi. Pick up a roll the next time you’re in Pennant Hills.

Known for: bread rolls, classic pork roll
Address: 4-10 Hillcrest Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120
Phone: +61 02 9484 2809
Trading Hours: Wed-Sun 11-3pm 5-10pm Tue 5-10pm

Alina’s Bakery

obunmee street view

14. Obunmee

A popular spot on the Harris Street strip, Obunmee offer up some of the freshest banh mi Sydney has to offer. Obunmee combines the classic range of Vietnamese flavours with modern twists. Vegetarians can also get their banh mi fix with the delicious Vegetarian Delight banh mi.

Known for: pork roll, vegetarian delight
Address: 115 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone: +61 02 8959 2056
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-3.30pm


Vietnamese Banh Mi Pork Roll

The History of The Vietnamese Pork Roll

The banh mi sandwich came about in the late 1950s in Saigon. From French colonial influence, the humble baguette was fused with the Vietnamese palette, including vegetables, chillies, delicious meats and Asian style pate and mayo. Eventually, it became so popular it opened up new industries in the south and revolutionized the dining scene in Vietnam. The banh mi roll became the go-to meal on the go and eventually spread through the rest of the world through refugees fleeing Vietnam after the fall of Saigon.

What is Banh Mi?

Banh mi normally consists of a light baguette with a crispy outside texture and fluffy middle, sour pickled daikon, carrot, chillies, thickly sliced cucumber, cilantro and some form of protein such as pork, pate, and chicken.

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General FAQs

What is the best place for Banh Mi near Marrickville?

A traditional Vietnamese area, Marrickville is home to some of the best bang mi sotes in Sydney. Among them, you'll find Marrickville Pork Roll and Alex ‘n’ Rolls.

Where is the best place for Banh Mi in Sydney CBD?

There are many fantastic options for banh mi scattered throughout Sydney but the most popular places are Marrickville Pork Roll and Hong Ha Bakery.

What makes up a traditional Banh Mi?

A traditional banh mi is made up of a crusty baguette, pickled vegetables, chili and pork meat, sometimes including pate.