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Lotus cheeseburger returns

Monday Munchies: September 20

Welcome back to Monday Munchies everyone. We took a short break over the last few weeks so we’d first like to apologise for that. Not for lack of deliciousness, instead, we were just too bloody busy stuffing our face with pasta, negronis, and mushroom burgers and frankly, no amount of pilates is fixing this mess. As the case would have it, the temptation is around every corner and if the best cheeseburger in Sydney returning isn’t enough to get the pulse going, well, you might not be alive. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Sydney’s Best Cheeseburger Returns

What: The famous Lotus Cheeseburger returns.
When: Every Friday and Saturday lunch for the next five weeks.
Where: Ms.G’s Sydney

Set your alarms because Dan Hong’s cheeseburger has made a triumphant return to Sydney. It was a sad day for many when the Lotus 2.0 pop-up closed, luckily, we had the chance to sample the majority of the menu 6-months before it did and we’ve been thinking about it ever since. When would we get the chance to put our hands around that beautiful cheeseburger again? Well, the time has come, and if you’re currently within a safe radius of you’re a bloody lucky son of a … Do us all a service and just buy one, you’ll thank us later. Another famous burger chain is coming to Sydney, if you haven’t read the news check it out here.

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Fabbrica bread shop

Image: Trent van der Jagt/Buffet Digital

Fabbrica Bread Shop

One of our favourite casual pasta and wine spots in Sydney is transforming into the Fabbrica Bread Shop each Saturday (starting now) and piling the benches high with freshly baked sourdough loaves, bombolini, focaccia, Tathra Place sausage rolls, coffee and wattleseed tarts and more all baked in house by Fabbrica Baker Aniruddha Bhosekar. We’re absolutely stoked to hear this news and can’t wait to get our hands on some freshly baked sourdough and maybe even pick up a few pasta packs while we’re at it. The full menu for this week can be found via the link below.

Address: Shop 161 King Street, Sydney.
Hours: Saturdays 11am-4pm (or until sold out).

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Not your average virtual wine tasting

Image: @thetastingguys

Not Your Average Virtual Wine Tasting

While virtual wine tastings have somewhat become the norm for most of the Aussie east coast this lockdown, The Tasting Guys have hit the scene with a few tricks up their sleeves. More than just another addition to Sydney’s virtual wine tasting scene, these dudes have designed the experience around education and entertainment for wine lovers at any level.

Perfect for people wanting to catch up with friends, celebrate a special milestone or connect with their team, The Tasting Guys do it all. From the wine selection, delivery, to the event itself, it’s their mission to make the experience as easy and fun as possible, so wine lovers can kick back, relax and enjoy the award-winning line-up of quality wines from around the world.

They’ve just launched their first public wine tasting, Spring Flirty & Fun Wine Flight, to occur on Thursday 7th October. And with lockdown lifting sooner rather than later, we reckon this is the perfect opportunity to discover a new favourite spring wine and impress your guests when it comes time this Spring.

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Milklab oatmilk

Image: MilkLab

MilkLab Launches Oatmilk

I mean far out if you’re not drinking oat milk are you really living? Better than almond, soy, skim, and pretty much every alternative milk under the sun, we are really big fans of the oaty goodness. So when we heard our favourite plant-based milk brand was launching their highly anticipated oat milk ahead of World Coffee Day on October 1 we were a little excited. Make no mistake, the world has been in an oat milk frenzy and the craze is taking grip in Australia – just ask our office. Healthy, environmentally friendly, and pretty darn delicious in a flatty we’ll be on the lookout for those distinctive MilkLab cartons after lockdown finally ends soon.

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