Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 25 March 2022

The rains are back and we’re venturing inside once more, what a glorious way to spend the weekend. Nevertheless, we’re looking back at the past seven days, charting the big news and releases we unearthed from across the globe. Whether it was Rick Owens linking up with Aesop or Maserati’s new 2023 Grecale SUV, there was no shortage of gear to feast over this week. Here are our top picks, all wrapped up in a nice little Man of Many Staff Favourites-sized package.

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Image: My Muscle Chef

My Muscle Chef New Flavours

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

I’m no stranger to a good microwave meal. In fact, at this point, I’d probably consider myself a connoisseur, so when I stumbled across the new meals from My Muscle Chef, I loaded up. I’m a big fan of the brand’s high-protein, nutritious options, but I haven’t really been able to dabble in the wide world of pasta, until now. As part of the new range, MMC is dishing out Beef Ravioli With Napolitana Sauce and Spicy Buffalo Chicken With Mac & Cheese, but my absolute favourite is the Cajun Beef with Sweet Potato. Simple, delicious and remarkably nutritious, I’m hooked.

Check it out

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Bellroy key case

Image: Bellroy

Bellroy Key Case & Bottle Opener

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

Frank who sits next to me at work has always had his keys in an Orbitkey so when I saw Bellroy, an Aussie brand that I will forever love, come out with their own version of a key organised, aptly named the Key Case, I had to jump on board. I never really got these things until I loaded my keys in and it was sitting in my pocket. No more rattling of keys, it protects your phone or other devices if your keys are chucked in a bag or backpack and it’s just super handy.

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I’ve loaded four keys into my Key Case and figuring out the right tension to set on the screw to easily pop out the keys for use without having them dangling around was the only issue I faced. I’m keen to see how it goes once I’ve got Bellroy’s Keytool in there as well that comes with a bottle opener. It also comes with a detachable cord loop for your car keys and with a three-year warranty.

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Bonus: If you’re still feeling vibey, this is a must-watch set from Tame Impala. I was lucky enough to get away to Margaret River last year in W.A. and this takes me back to sipping on a beer watching the sun slowly set over the horizon with good friends. Good times:

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Staff fav 1

Image: Coles

Roza’s Gourmet Dairy-Free Pesto

Clelia Niyikiza – Branded Content Assistant

To start, I spent the entire last lockdown cooking various new recipes and forcing myself to go from someone who did not enjoy or know how to cook to someone who now loves it, finds it a stress reliever, and even now has a shelf full of cookbooks in my kitchen. Still, it doesn’t mean I won’t go back to my old ways of constant take-out meals and finding the most effortless and fastest way to get some food in me. That time finally came and this month I went back to getting takeout until my bank account finally forced me into the kitchen on Sunday night.

I discovered Roza’s pesto over the weekend during my first grocery shop of the month, and I may have found my go-to easy meal. The sauce is creamy and basically tastes like a nice pesto dish you would get from a restaurant or homemade with effort. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is too lazy to cook but still wants something decent. I am sure you can get more creative with it and make a variety of other meals or upscale your pesto pasta, but I enjoyed It simple with the only other ingredients I used: Spaghetti and parmesan cheese.

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