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Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 9 July 2022

The sun may be shining right now, but we don’t expect it to last much longer. With half of our state underwater and the rest of Australia not far behind, this weekend looks like it will be another one relegated to the great indoors. With that in mind, we’ve got your reading covered with all the latest tech, gear and entertainment to fill in your free time. Here’s Man of Many’s Staff Favourites for this week.

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Image: GAME


Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

I may be old and cranky now, but I still love a good drinking game. This week, I stumbled across GAME, an Aussie-made card game inspired by traditional favourites like Trivia, Survivor and Truth or Dare, albeit with a modern spin. With this one, you’ll find six categories containing 50 cards each. Players grab five cards from each category (30 cards total), shuffle the deck, drop it face down, and take turns picking a card. I did a terrible job of explaining it, but you kind of need to play it to get the jist. All you need to know is that the whole point of GAME is to get together, ask the hard questions and learn more about your friends than you ever thought possible. Now all I need is to find some.

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Earp distilling curated cask rum 1

Image: EARP Distilling

Earp Distilling Co. Curated Cask AO-0005

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

With the rise in boutique distilleries around Australia, just about every man and their dog (and their dog’s cousin) is releasing a gin or whisky. The renewed focus on localised distilling has birthed a new era for boutique spirits and one of them is Earp Distilling Co.’s Curated Cask AO-0005. Limited to just 200 bottles, the spirit was aged in Virgin American Oak barrels for two years (Note: to be called a “Rum” it has to be in a barrel for a minimum of two years. Yes, even the white Bacardi Rum sits in a barrel for two years in Australia and then they filter back out all of the colour and particles. It’s only here and Brazil that they do this). The american oak brings hints of vanilla and caramel toffee on the nose while on the palate you’ll find ripe plums, black currants and a gentle oak. If you’re a whisky lover, this rum is not one to scoff at.

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A Day in Ghana with Kendrick Lamar

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

Coinciding with the release of Kendrick Lamar’s latest album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers he made a short visit to Accra, Ghana. A vignette of his journey was captured on video through a mini-documentary shot in partnership with Spotify. Being a native Ghanaian myself, it was great to see Kendrick shining a spotlight on my homeland.

The footage is visually captivating. As Kendrick interacts with the locals, the rich culture and community that Ghana is known for really shines through. This can be seen as he plays board games in the markets, at the beach having conversations with local surfers, hangs with skaters at the Freedom skatepark, funded by Ghanaian American, the late Virgil Abloh, and even the street boxer in the suburb of Bukom, renowned for producing the multiple boxing champions. The one disappointing thing about this mini-documentary is that it’s far too mini. I easily could have sat and watched it for hours.

Morris muscat barrel

Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky Muscat Barrel | Image: Morris Whisky

Morris Australian Single Malt Muscat Barrel Whisky

Tim Fernandes – Senior Sales & Partnerships Manager

Victorian-based whisky distiller, Morris, just won “Best Australian Whisky” at the International Whisky Awards. Their Muscat Barrel finish is easily in my top three favourite whiskies, with hints of spice, dark fruits and even vanilla making it the perfect whisky for winter. It’s well worth the $140 price tag and definitely one to consider when you’re comparing the better-known single malt brands.

Morris of Rutherglen has been producing exceptional fortified wines for six generations, so it was natural for the distillers to get into the single malt game and finish their whiskies in barrels that have housed some of the most distinctive and awarded fortified wines in the world. Located in the Rutherglen region of North East Victoria, the distillery boasts the Snowy Mountains to its east and a natural source of the purest water all year-round, which allows the truest flavours and characters of the whisky to shine. In simpler words, if you’re looking for a guaranteed good dram, give Morris a try.

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Polo ralph lauren field jacket

Image Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren Field Jacket

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Writer

Every bloke should have a good field jacket in their wardrobe. Based on the M65 style that was introduced by the U.S. Army in (surprise!) 1965, it’s a staple that’s unbeatable for sheer practicality. I’ve had a few over the years and each one has settled comfortably into its role as my go-to medium jacket for those days when the weather’s looking a bit iffy.

This take on the M65 from Polo Ralph Lauren caught my eye because of its strong John-Lennon-in-the-’70s vibe, when the former Beatle was at the height of his activism. Not sure I’ll be pairing it with a beret as he was so fond of doing, though.

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Curry copy

Image: Under Armour

Genesis Curry Flow

Geena Valos – Branded Content Manager

The Man. The Legend. And definitely not a myth. Steph Curry once again showed the world how he truly is an absolute freak at Basketball and 3-point shooting. Turning it on hard for the 2022 NBA Finals this year by averaging 27.4 points per game, making at least five 3-pointers in five games of a single Finals series, and of course, how could we forget- MVP of the league.

To celebrate, Under Armour has released a special Curry Flow shoe in admiration of his performance as the NBA’s all-time best 3-point shooter. HUGE. The shoe is Under Armour’s first-ever digital good in form of 2,974 NFTs , each of which is an exact replica of his shoe on the day he broke the record. The Genesis Curry Flow shoe has been designed to replicate this NFT, partnering with Berlin Cameron they created the design encompassing both the digital realm and street basketball. The 2974 colourway can be purchased for $220.00 via the link below.

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Oakley flight tracker s snow goggles

Image: Oakley

Oakley Flight Tracker S Snow Goggles

Sam Mangioni – Journalist – Entertainment & Culture

While I’m more of a front mountain guy these days, my Oakleys scream X-Game mode. Inspired by the brand’s first true oversized snow goggles, the new Flight Tracker combines a classic shape and oversized full-rim toric design with an optimised field of view in all directions. Having suffered through lesser quality products in the past, I can say Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology is worth the extra shackles. Since switching to the Flight Tracker, I no longer worry about the dreaded goggle fog and the lens design enhances colour and contrast so I can see my surroundings in stunning detail. – $218

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Flor de cana 12 year old

Image: Dan Murphys

Flor De Cana 12 Year Old

Ben McKimm – Staff Writer – Journalist – Automotive & Tech

Ok, I’m a bit of a whisky fan, but I’ve never really delved too deep into the world of aged rum. A suggestion from a friend (a sailor, of course) opened my eyes and then an email arrived in my inbox the next day by pure coincidence suggesting I need to get my rum legs moving with this sustainable option. Flor De Cana is a brand you’ve probably heard of, however, their latest sustainable initiative is a real plus in my eyes and becoming more and more of a decision factor when purchasing drinks.

This is the world’s only Carbon Neutral and Fair-Trade certified Spirit. How? The brand distils its spirit with 100 per cent renewable energy and is naturally ages it in bourbon barrels without sugar or artificial ingredients. The result? An ultra-premium rum with a flavour profile to match, think caramel and toffee that’s perfect for a splash of ginger ale. If you’re looking to jump into the rum game as a break from whisky, this is a great place to start. Rather start at a bar? Zero Waste Cocktails includes a list of participating venues that stock this bad boy.

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F c 14 cutting board

Image: Fifth & Cherry

Fifth & Cherry F&C 14 Cutting Board

Jacob Osborn – Staff Writer

As soon as you take it out of the box, the F&C 14 cutting board delivers the kind of craftsmanship you can see and feel. From the smooth texture of its reversible cutting surface to the signature pattern of its end-grain cherry wood, it makes for love at first sight and touch alike. The words “Fifth & Cherry” are boldly branded onto its side and they provide an extra element of visual distinction. “Quality” is the word that leaps to mind and that’s before you’ve even put this thing to work.

Like all cutting boards from veteran-owned family business Fifth & Cherry, the F&C 14 is hand-crafted from responsibly-sourced wood and 100% food safe. Additional steel enforcement and staggered seams drive home the sturdy vibe, making it a kitchen essential both now and for generations to come. It’s then no surprise that the brand backs it with a lifetime warranty and even throws in complimentary refinishing (for life) as an added benefit.

Meanwhile, I’m still relishing the board’s brilliant heft and smooth coating, both of which come as the result of a proprietary 28-step process. This is a lifetime product indeed and a compact, decor-boosting one at that. It proves no less formidable when put to use, offering a safe and solid foundation for all kinds of food preparation. Fortified to prevent delamination and easy to clean (by hand), it’s one board to rule them all

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