AnZa. Coffee Makes Espresso Machines from Concrete

So what do you get when you put a design studio and espresso machine repair shop in the same general workspace? The answer is AnZa. Coffee. These folks don’t just want to give you a delicious pick me up in the morning, they want to challenge your aesthetic conventions when it comes to your appliances. Through the use of materials like concrete, corian, wood, steel and brass, AnZa. Coffee plans to breath new life into espresso machine design. And with a crowdfunding campaign set for August, they’re surely hoping you’ll join them.

brutalist espresso machine

Some of the best coffee houses in the world capitalise on pairing workmanlike vibes with copious amounts of delicious java. Now AnZa. is here to bring that essential combination right to your door. They’re currently operating with two models: concrete and corian. Among the two, the concrete version is arguably the most formidable. Brimming with industrial allure, the machine essentially resembles a smoothed out concrete block with ceramic accents, and we absolutely love it.

 espresso machine

Meanwhile, the corian model shows Anza. getting crafty with a sturdy kitchen counter material. A smooth wooden base plays off the pearly white to give this compact beauty an all around clean and modern appeal. The result is a pristine machine that’s nevertheless underscored by a sense of true artisanship.

anza concrete coffee machine

Both models are adorned with ceramic knobs and metal switches that make brewing an absolute breeze and round out all that functional charm. Put it all together and these babies were built to perform and consciously designed. Indeed, AnZa. was founded out of a shared disappointment with most contemporary espresso machine aesthetics. Well, that and a shared love of coffee of course.

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beautiful espresso machines

espresso machine portafilter

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