25 Best Desks for the Home Office

A desk is a desk is a desk. Or is it? A desk plays a vital role in today’s civilisation whether you need space for architectural creations, workspace and space for your peripherals or just a space to share a coffee. A desk is used at home as much as at the office and comfort comes to mind when thinking of buying a new desk. Check these desks out that include some creative designs that will satisfy any need.

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blidu desk by tom schuster

1. Blidu Desk by Tom Schuster

The Blidu is an innovative workplace designed for the modern age. Integrated into the table are a docking station for your smartphone and tablet as well as 4 USB hubs. A drawer in the desk hides your notebook to minimise the space used on the desk while maintaining usability with all additional gadgets while in the drawer.

Designer: Tom Schuster
Features: docking station, 4 USB hubs
Material: cherrywood

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herman miller airia desk

2. Herman Miller Airia Desk

The Airia desk balance fine furniture design with features to help keep you organised. Clutter-like peripherals, papers, and coffee mugs can be placed on the elevated surface giving you more workspace on the primary surface. Removable covered cutouts route and hide cables and wires and the drawer has three removable organiser trays for smaller items. Find a matching Herman Miller chair here.

herman miller airia desk white

Designer: Ayako Takase, Cutter Hutton
Features: cork-lined drawers, built-in organisers
Material: cherrywood
Price: $2,205.75

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3. Stand Desk

Research shows that sitting at a desk the whole day is the new killer after smoking. Stand desk is an innovative design at the fraction of the cost of any other desk that offers a similar feature. With the press of the button, the desk elevates to your liking and you can continue work as per normal, only you will be standing now instead of sitting. Ideal if you have a bad back.

laptop on the standing desk

Material: laminate, bamboo, reclaimed & natural wood
Price: from $469

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laptop on the walter desk

4. Walter Desk

Sometimes less is more. The Walter is a flat surface top with a drawer on each side. The rolled and hexagon steel legs give the desk a feeling of floating in the air. The top and drawers are made from reclaimed oak wood making this one of the most environmentalist desks around.

Designer: Olga Guanabara
Features: strong, angular legs of crisscrossed hexagonal steel, broad surface, storage drawers
Material: reclaimed oak

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symbol audio desk

5. Symbol Audio Desk

A little bit of the right music can stimulate and improve concentration and production. Or so I have heard. But do you really need an excuse to have a desk with built-in speakers? Behind cabinet doors are two 4inch high-efficiency, full-range drivers, with titanium cones and paired with a 1/4inch subwoofer. The speakers can be used with wireless streaming for a wire-free work surface.

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the laura desk

6. The Laura Desk

The Laura desk is writing desk that is simple yet functional and modern. The three cubbies at the back end hide two ports back in the shadow. There are two angled drawers for simple storage solutions for small items like pens, paperclips, smartphones and notebooks.

laura desk two angled drawers

locus sphere workstation

7. Locus Sphere Workstation

The Locus Sphere workstation is another standing desk. This one though is much like buying a car. You want the base you get the base but all other additions to the desk is at an extra cost. One nice feature of this desk is that you can tilt it for a more ergonomic posture. You need to crank it manually to adjust the height but is easily done with the German crank system.

Features: 2 adjustments, removable cup holders
Material: 13-layer plywood
Price: from $1,975

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minimal wall desk

8. Minimal Wall Desk

This float wall desk is easy to mount to any wall type and can be used as a full desktop station or writing desk. The design enables you to use it as a standing desk or a traditional height sitting desk. The desk has a full surface slide out tray and wire management slot.

Features: drawer extends out 9″, large keyboard tray
Material: walnut, rift oak

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cartesia desk tamo tree

9. Cartesia Desk Tamo Tree

At first glance of the Cartesia desk, it looks like an oversized Chinese puzzle box. The advantage of this desk is that the drawers is of 2 directional design allowing you to access multiple storages at the same time as well as eliminating blind spots in the back of the drawer. A small side drawer can store our electric cables.

Features: novel drawer system (opens from the front or side)
Material: Tamo tree, walnut
Price: $6,000

cartesia desk tamo tree access multiple storages

stir kinetic desk

10. Stir Kinetic Desk

The Stir Kinectic desk is an easy adjustable standing desk that with a double tap returns to your pre-set sitting height. As with XBOX kinect, the desk sense your presence and keep record of how much time was spend sitting or standing and the calories burned by standing. In active mode it reminds you gently that it is time to change your position. The desk is also equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so that it can connect with wellness and fitness apps. It also features built in AC and USB power ports to connect and power your devices.

stir kinetic use desk sense

Features: in-desktop power and cable storage, connected and smart
Price: $11,990

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11. Artifox Desk

The Artifox is where technology and craft intersect. The integrated groove holds tablets, phones or notebooks. The devices are standing and accessible with chargers and cords running beneath the desk surface for an uncluttered cable management. A writable and erasable surface is provided for jotting down ideas or for a collaborative working environment. There’s also a standing version of this desk you can see here.

artifox technology and craft intersect desk

Features: minimalist, lightweight, dock, grid, hook
Material: solid hardwood, scratch resistant power coated steel
Price: from $1,050

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standing desk new level by adding treadmill

12. Details Walkstation

This desk is taking the standing desk to a new level by adding a treadmill. The advantage is that you don’t need to gym after work as you did it the whole day already. The whisper quiet treadmill has a max speed of 2 mph and has all the normal bells and whistles of a treadmill with displays for speed, calories burned, distance covered and time.

laptop on the workstation table

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herman miller envelop desk

13. Herman Miller Envelop Desk

The Envelop desk has a flexible work surface that slides to envelop you as you work. The desk has an unique seven degree tilt for the optimal distance and angle from your monitor. Everything moves along keeping your eyes focused and your body aligned in a comfortable position. To enjoy the full benefit you need the Embody chair to go with the desk.

herman miller envelop desk black

Features: flexible work surface

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1910 american trestle drafting table

14. 1910 American Trestle Drafting Table

Return to the 20th century with this drafting table crafted from cast iron topped with a broad wooden work surface that lifts, lowers and tilts to suit the worker and task at hand. The bell curved trestle base offers stability through the full range of settings.

Price: from $1,237

1910 american trestle drafting table top

herman miller george nelson table

15. Herman Miller George Nelson Table

The classic, sculpted design is perfect for any home or office, from a meeting space to the dining area. The tapered curve metal tubes are rounded off with walnut veneer and solid walnut stretchers providing plenty of work space.

herman miller george nelson conference table

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milk classic desk

16. MILK Classic Desk

The MILK classic is designed to feed your body and mind by giving you a smart stylish workspace to customise to your every need. The four compartments can be used from a storage and charging place for your phone to a square fish tank. A handy cable storage rack tucks everything neatly away out of sight.

aquarium on the milk classic desk

Features: adjustable, with 4 compartments, cable tray, cable outlets, electrical height adjustment

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modernlink james desk

The James desk is built from bamboo and stainless steel and features conveniently designed drawers with adjustable inserts and integrated desk-top gills to help you keep your life streamlined. The top is large enough for 24×36 inch architectural drawings, large format prints or maps. This is a big one.

modernlink james desk bamboo and stainless steel

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bluelounge studio desk

18. Bluelounge Studio Desk

The StudioDesk hides all your peripherals and excess cables under a sliding desktop surface. It is easy to access from above and an elongated slot across the width of the desktop allows the necessary cables to enter or exit at any point. An extra-large version is also available.

bluelounge studio desk top view

Material: solid wood
Price: from $749

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celine desk with chair

19. Celine Desk

If space is a problem but you still require a desk, this dainty aesthetic piece with gently tapering conical legs will be the perfect fit for you. The small proportions and slim hidden drawer gives you the workspace without the bulk.

Designer: Nazanin Kamali
Material: black stain, oak, walnut
Price: from £415.83

celine desk drawers

covet desk provides simple but practical design

20. Covet Desk

The Covet desk provides a simple but practical design for an innovative storage solution integrated into its solid oak or walnut frame. The surface is glass creating an aesthetically pleasing desk. The storage space eliminates the need for a small bookshelf.

Designer: Shin Azumi
Material: oak, stained walnut
Price: from £929.17

heckler design oneless desk

21. Hecklerdesign OneLess Desk

The OneLess desk is an innovative design. The one desk raises your display to the perfect lien of sight with your keyboard and mouse right beneath your fingertips. The lower desk can be tucked in neatly beneath the upper desk making this an excellent space saver. The upper desk features a peripheral shelf to manage the cables keeping everything tucked away.

heckler design oneless desk orange color

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clybourn desk

22. Clybourn Desk

This mid-century is an executive statement. A thick solid walnut top floats on four brushed stainless steel supports for keyboard and mouse storage or even your laptop. The desk comes with two storage drawers and one letter file with brushed aluminium pulls. Squared stainless steel sled legs appear to continue under the floating desktop.

Designer: Blake Tovin of Tovin Design
Features: slide-out laptop/keyboard shelf
Material: solid American walnut, walnut veneer, engineered wood
Price: $2,699

clybourn desk squared stainless steel sled legs

flat bar storage desk

23. Flat-Bar Storage Desk

For a simple but sophisticated desk, the flat-bar storage desk provides generous work and storages space in one streamlined package. It includes one supply drawer and one file drawer.

flat bar storage desk with white chair

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torino desk two legs

24. Torino Desk

The Torino is another space saver desk. A large part of the top can slide open to reveal the drawer section where you can store your papers and notebook when not in use. Perfect for a small place where it can serve as a dual purpose desk and table.

torino desk top side drawer system

Features: slide-open drawer for storage
Price: $500

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level m by gabriel texido

25. Level M by Gabriel Texido

The Level M range combines unique contemporary design with an age-old tradition of craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted and finished by hand from the master cabinetmakers and reflects attention to detail, exacting standards and visionary inspiration.

level m by gabriel texido exclusive

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What is the best home office desk?

The overall best home office desk is the Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Desk from Amazon.

What is a good size office desk?

It is important to choose your desk size based on the size of your space and your usage. A standard desk size is 60 inch x 30inch with a height of 30 inches.