Grow Your Own – The Spacepot Hydroponic Grow System by Futurefarms

Plants are vital for bringing an indoor space to life. Growing them makes you feel good, and it makes your indoor space look better. Also, the ability to care for and nurture plants is very attractive to others. Growing fresh, quality herbs in an indoor herb garden is a great way to bring some greenery into your home, plus it produces super fresh ingredients – perfect for delicious home-cooked tucker.

If every plant that you have ever owned has died, we have something to help you—the Futurefarms Spacepot Hydroponic Grow System. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the Spacepot makes it easy to grow fresh herbs right on your windowsill.

the spacepot hydroponic grow system by futurefarms

Los Angeles–based company FutureFarms designed the Spacepot on a hydroponic system, which doesn’t use tubes, pumps, electricity or soil. This system was popularised by NASA. It uses a combination of hydroponic nutrients and water to grow plants by putting the plant’s roots right in contact with the good stuff. As a result, plants grow exceptionally fast compared with a traditional pot because they don’t have to work hard to get nutrients – everything is right there where it’s needed.

The Hydroponic Grow System is the easiest way to grow fresh herbs and other plants. Just add water, nutrients and seeds, wait five weeks, and the plants will be ready.

spacepot hydroponic grow system futurefarms 2 green grass

The system comes with an eight month supply of basil seeds and nutrients, but you can grow just about any herb in the Spacepot.

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