The Most Aesthetic Outdoor Tool – Introducing the Woodman’s Pal

For the outdoor man, this will be one of the favourite outdoor tools. It’s crafted so beautifully for a blade. But it’s more than just a good sort. It is a machete and an axe in one. Think of an attractive gal, who also has an awesome personality, this is what this is for the outdoor man. This blade will trim, prune, blaze trails, brush out lines, remove unwanted growth and build hunting blinds.

aesthetic high carbon steel blade

Now you know why it’s called the Woodman’s Pal. It is an outdoorsman’s bestie, quite frankly. The specially annealed high carbon steel blade is hardened to Rockwell C47+/-2 will not crack or chip in sub-zero temperatures. The concave axe blade was shrewdly designed to cut up to 1.5 inches in diameter in a single stroke. There is also black powder coating to prevent this beautifully crafted blade from rust and corrosion and ensure it’s looking fine all the time.
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aesthetic in the cover