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2 lazzarini air yacht

Lazzarini $600M Air Yacht Concept is a Flying Catamaran

We may not quite be at the point of having space yachts to take us on luxury cruises outside the bounds of the Earth’s atmosphere, but we may be just one step closer to that thanks to the Lazzarini Air Yacht. Fresh off unveiling a superyacht concept complete with a gaping hole in its centre, the Italian firm has returned with a new design that lets you float on water or in the air, drastically improving your ability to explore this world. What’s more, it’s fully electric and sustainable.

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Lazzarini air yacht top

Image: Lazzarini

The Lazzarini Air Yacht is designed to include two 150-metre-long blimps that hold 14,125,867 cubic feet of helium. The helium is kept in a hive structure, so you can dismiss that image of an exploding Zeppelin from your mind (besides, that was hydrogen, not helium). Situated between the two blimps is a torpedo-shaped structure that is connected to the balloons with eight carbon fibre bridges (four on each side).

The central hull features a master cabin, dining area, and living area. The craft features 10 guest suites, each offering a 360-degree view and creating berths for 22 passengers. The blimps allow you to float on water or in the air. The Air Yacht will be equipped with eight counter-rotating electric engines that pull their power from batteries as well as solar panels. The design of the ship claims that it will be able to travel in the sky at 60 knots for more than two days straight—all without any emissions. On the water, the Air Ship travels at five knots.

While the concept is not ready for production, nor will it be challenging traditional ships and planes any time soon, it has been commissioned by a private owner. The price tag on the commission? A whopping $627,511,500. Lazzarini has committed to having a first-scale model prototype lifting off sometime later in the year. They’re also working on a variety of different designs, so perhaps a fleet of these vehicles is in the foreseeable future.

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1 lazzarini air yacht

Image: Lazzarini

Lazzarini air yacht

Image: Lazzarini