6 Door Ford Falcon front three quarters

Australia’s Rarest Car the 6-Door Ford Falcon

When it comes to rare cars, they don’t come rarer than a car that’s the only one ever made. That’s exactly the case with the Ford XY Falcon Wagon, a 6-door factory-built beauty originally made to order for TAA Airlines to be used as a courtesy car. Like the movie Highlander, there can be only one, and now it can be yours!

I mean…if you’ve got a bit of cash lying around, that is. The one-of-a-kind Ford is going under the hammer at Lloyds’ Grand Final Fever auction, with bidding starting at $1. Although, presumably, you shouldn’t show up expecting to snap it up for a buck and a half. The rarest car in Australia is bound to fetch a pretty penny as classic car lovers clamour for it.

If the XY Falcon slips away from you, the auction offers up a nice selection of other prizes, including a 1982 Holden Commodore Group III in original and meticulous condition, a 1977 4-door Holden A9X Torana which has sat in storage for 15 years and a multiple podium finishing race car chassis built and run by Walkinshaw Andretti United Racing and driven by the likes of Courtney and Tander.

But there’s no doubt the headline act is the Falcon, which quite literally stands alone in Australian automotive history.

General FAQ

What is the rarest car in Australia?

The XY Falcon Wagon is the only one of its kind ever made, making it the rarest car in Australia.

What year was the XY Falcon made?

The XY Falcon was made in 1970.


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