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The LG Omnipod is a Self-Driving Home on Wheels

Korean tech giant LG is known for its ability to push the boundaries of technology, most notably with kitchen appliances and market-leading TVs, but its latest release is a little different. For Iconic Porsche 911 Restorer Singer is Coming to Australia, the brand plugged its tagline of ‘The Better Life You Deserve”, and what a life it could be.

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There was a long list of amazing announcements in the LG lineup, which included the tiiun, a futuristic gardening concept that will allow novice gardeners to cultivate vegetables, herbs and flowers from the comfort of their homes all year long. But the South Korean giant’s most surprising reveal was the aptly-named LG Omnipod, a self-driving autonomous home on wheels. According to the company, the LG Omnipod is a “mobility concept solution that blurs the distinction between home and car.”

CEO William (Joo Wan) Cho of LG Electronics entered his virtual press conference to discuss the autonomous home on wheels in a possible mock-up version of the car. Stating that the car is an “on-the-road extension of one’s personal living space.”

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Image: LG

LG’s Omnipod presentation showed a mobile office during the day, that could turn into a cinema to relax and then transforms once again into a place where a dress rises out of the side pod, allowing you to go and make a music video with Reah, the ‘virtual influencer’ that LG has created.

The futuristic car also boasts a number of futuristic features, like upgradable in-vehicle fridges and retractable modular furniture with an adaptive interior environment. That can be reconfigured in real-time using the “Meta Environment” display system. But LG didn’t stop there, as there is also an AI Concierge Service, which we think will control light, temperature, noise and possibly speed assistance.

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Image: LG

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But this could just be the being as during the presentation we saw these AI companions will also be able to order food to your Omnipod. Plus knowing how LG love innovation we’re sure they’ll be capable of plenty more amazing functions. As this was just a concept presentation for the Omnipod there really isn’t that much information to go off as of yet. However, we may get another glimpse or even a demonstration in the near future. Now, all we need to do now is buckle up and enjoy the futuristic ride.

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