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Porsche rooftop tent feature

$7,000 Porsche Tequipment Rooftop Tent is for Tasteful Exploring

Porsche Tequipment has revealed its uber-luxurious rooftop tent developed at the Weissach Development Centre and co-designed by Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See. If you’re stuck for somewhere to stay while exploring the Swiss countryside in your 911, look no further than this rooftop tent that can be installed on the roof of the Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, Taycan and 911 – both with and without roof rails.

Priced from €4,980 ($7,325 AUD), the two-person tent is now available to order from Porsche sales partners with deliveries from November 2022.

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Porsche rooftop tent on car

Image: Porsche Tequipment Rooftop Tent | Porsche

The Porsche rooftop tent measures 210 x 130 cm and features a comfortable, high-density polyfoam mattress that’s integrated into the floor, walls made from a cotton blend, water-resistant zips and separate rain cover for all weather conditions. Sidewalls mimic the fly line of the 911 and feature a tasteful PORSCHE logo. Colours are muted to match any vehicle’s body colour and include either a Black/Light Grey or a Black/Dark Grey.

Setup is virtually identical to most modern rooftop tents and would take less than 10-minutes. Simply open up the hardcase and erect four poles for sturdiness. Once set up we’re immediately reminded of one of our favourite Instagram accounts @996roadtrip who’s spent the last few years travelling around the United States in his 996 series 911 Carrera 4S.

Additional optional Tequipment accessories will be made available shortly, including an inner tent, a heated blanket and a shoe and bag organiser.

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Porsche rooftop tent details

Image: Porsche Tequipment Rooftop Tent | Porsche

Inside porsche rooftop tent

Image: Porsche Tequipment Rooftop Tent | Porsche

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