Cocktails on a Roll in the Apollo 70 Airstream

Here at Man of Many HQ, we’ve brought you some cool customisations, and the Apollo 70 Airstream is no exception. Think of food trucks, but it’s serving you food and alcoholic beverages. This 1970s-era Land Yacht has now been transformed into a transportable bar that offers a range of beers, liquors and wines.

It features a high-end surround sound system, satellite TV for media-focused events and fibre optic ceiling and lighting that can be modified to suit your brand, taste or mood. The interior of the bar is funky, to the point where you almost feel like you’re in a traditional bar. The owners found the perfect ratio between keeping it retro and modern – throwing a party with this as your venue will catch all the attention.

This unique bar isn’t something that can be currently purchased, but it can be hired, fully staffed, for your next event. Unfortunately for us down under, the bar is based in the UK, but according to the guys behind Apollo, they are geographically central and capable to get to all destinations. This means that if required, they can travel to the rest of the world. It won’t be a cheap hire, but you know that it will be the only one.

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