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The ct2000 coleman powersports mini trail bike

The CT2000 Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike

The daily grind of adult life can make us long for our childhood again—a time when there weren’t bosses to report to, bills to pay or lawns to mow. It’s nice to be reminded of a time when things were simpler. The Coleman Powersports CT2000 Mini Bike will take you back to that time.

If you are looking for maximum fun, the Coleman CT2000 Mini Bike is hard to beat. In the spirit of classic mini bikes, the Coleman CT2000 follows the same formula that most mini-bikes have had since the 1960s. It has the classic welded bent tube frame with wheelbarrow wheels. It fits both kids and adults just fine.

The CT2000 has a 4-stroke 1-cylinder 196cc engine. It features a simple pull start operation. This bike is small enough that you can ride it in places that larger vehicles can’t get through. It offers utility as well and would make a great tool to bring along on a camping trip. The metal frame and racks are sturdy and durable making it easy to carry firewood back to your campsite. The handle-operated braking system provides good stopping power. Low-pressure tires provide a soft, comfortable ride.

At just 112 pounds, this mini-bike is easy to lift up into a truck. It could easily be transported in a van if you don’t have a truck. No one likes to spend hours putting together a mini-bike. Luckily, that won’t be necessary with this mini-bike. It is relatively easy to put together and even comes with all of the tools that you need.

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General FAQ

How fast does the Coleman CT200U mini bike go?

The maximum speed of the Coleman CT200U mini bike is 19 mph.

What motor is on a Coleman CT200U?

The Coleman CT200U mini bike uses a 6.5 Hp engine, as does the Coleman BT200X.

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