From Furniture Making to Skateboards – DEMON Collector’s Edition Longboard

Longboarding is a great way to quickly get around almost any terrain and the stigma around it has fallen far out of sight. The Demon Collector’s Edition Longboards are a very cool, interestingly designed collection which consists of 2 new longboard designs made to order in a limited edition of 20. Handmade down the street from Silicon Valley in San Francisco, CA, the Studio Roeper Collector’s Edition Longboards reflect the highly-regarded design firm’s commitment to mixing art (design) with function (excellent board performance). With 16 years of furniture making experience, the Senior Craftsman and Principal Florian Roeper is known to push the boundaries of his craft by matching materials and techniques in bold and innovative ways. This shows up quite well in this limited edition boards, as they will be equal parts fun and efficient while also serving as a portable piece of art. If you’re looking to have the nicest board in town, snatch one up before supplies last.

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demon collector edition longboard top