The Husqvarna 256 Thage Motorcycle Was Made to Dominate

The Husqvarna 256 was developed in 1968 for the Swedish military. It was designed with optional skis to carry Swedish troops over icy terrain. There were only one thousand of these rare bikes ever produced. Johan & Johan from 6/5/4/ Motors in Stockholm managed to find a Husqvarna. The custom motorcycle designer decided to spice up this bike a bit.

husqvarna 256 thage motorcycle feature

Johan Nordin named his customization after his father, Thage, who served in the military in the 1970’s and used to ride one of these bikes. The Husqvarna 256 Thage Motorcycle is a contemporary take on the Swedish Defense dirt bike. Johan & Johan took this bike and crafted it into something better.

husqvarna 256 thage motorcycle speed gearbox

The original Husqvarna 256 is equipped with a 256cc two-stroke engine that offers 15 horsepower. The engine is matched with a four-speed gearbox.

Johan & Johan left the bike’ original front end alone. They updated the exhaust, shocks, handlebars and seat. The biggest change is the all-black paint job and side skis that drop down from both sides of the bike. The skis make this bike perfect for tackling any steep mountain pass.

husqvarna 256 thage motorcycle back

When operated in the ski mode, the skis stay up unless they are pushed down manually. So, you have to keep your feet on the skis while you brake, shift and throttle with your hands. This technique will no doubt take a little practice to master. In the end, it is entirely worth learning how to ride this one-of-a-kind motorcycle as you can take it places where most riders only dream of going.
husqvarna 256 thage motorcycle outlook

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