James Bond Cars

James Bond movies feature many things, ranging from beautiful shootouts to beautiful women to beautiful cars. Frederic Brun’s new book looks to pay homage to the third piece of that equation, paying tribute to the many legendary cars and vehicles that have transported James Bond in so many unforgettable stunts and races. The book features all the classics that you know and love: the iconic Aston Martin with it’s ejector seat, the BMW Z3 Roadster and the Rolls-Royce Phantom. However, it also looks at some of the less popular, but equally cool, vehicles from the movies. Diving into cars belonging to the Bond girls and Bond’s opponents, the book is extremely comprehensive.

The book is filled with great pictures and plenty of confusing technical information on the cars, jet packs, jet skis, motorised gondolars and planes of the Bond universe. It’s a must-have for any die hard out there looking to expand their knowledge base further.

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