MiniFalcon e-Scooter Beats the Hell Out of Public Transport

Imagine cruising the streets of Sydney’s CBD on a MiniFalcon electric scooter! Yeah, too much foot traffic. So how about cruising the streets of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth on a MiniFalcon Electric Scooter? Sure beats the hell out of public transport.

Fast, powerful, and compact – MiniFalcon is the first full-size high-performance electric scooter that folds to a 58cm length and can fit in a backpack. With powerful torque, adjustable gears, shock absorption and a long-lasting battery, it’s also one of the most dependable e-scooters on the market.

MiniFalcon is built with a 250w brushless motor that can reach speeds of 25km per hour. The scooter is said to offer 1.5x more torque than other e-scooters providing more accelerations and better hill climbing. The adjustable gears optimise power distribution for different conditions – low gears for hills, high gears for flat surfaces…you get how gears work.

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The 5C Electric Battery provides enough power to travel at tops speeds for up to 14km on a single charge. The scooter takes just 2 hours to recharge. A digital display on the handlebars presents speed, battery life, gear position, and mileage in real-time.

The scooter is made of anodised aluminium, making it strong and able to support weights of up to 100kg. The polyurethane tyres are 4x more wear-resistant than ordinary rubber tyres, meaning no worrying about glass or nails.

MiniFalcon is equipped with a dual high-efficiency shock absorber in the front and another at the back wheel to reduce vibrations, glide over bumps, and to offer a more comfortable ride. Feel safe knowing there’s an electric brake and a backup manual brake.

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An ABS anti-locking system prevents wheels from locking up and allows you to maintain steering control even if you suddenly slam on the brakes. So no skidding or close calls. Stop on a dime without losing control.

So what more do you need to know about this sleek ride? Well, the creators are funding MiniFalcon on crowdfunding platform Indigogo where there’s only a week or so remaining to lock-in the electric scooter for a discounted early bird price. You can always expect to pay more at retail.

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