Neematic’s FR/1 E-Bike is the Perfect Fusion of Mountain and Dirt Bike

Built with a 20kW brushless motor, lightweight mid-drive aluminium frame and hardcore off-road suspension, the FR/1 is the perfect fusion of mountain bike and dirt bike. Neematic, a new player in the electric bike market, has created the FR/1 as an extreme performance e-bike suitable for rough terrain that can reach top speeds of 100 km/h and travel up to 100km on a single charge. FR/1 is equipped with a 2.2 kW Li-ion battery and uses only top-notch bicycle components such as Fox 2017 shocks, Hope tech3 V4 brakes, Pinion drive and DMR pedals.

neematic fr 1 e bike feature

The engineers behind the bike leverage a combined 12 years of experience in electric bicycles and race suspension engineering. Riders can expect to experience great handling whether they’re climbing uphill or shredding the trail. Domas Zinkevicius, co-founder and chief engineer of Neematic explains: “We’ve been able to integrate the motor in the frame and remove unsprung mass in the rear wheel. It is this weight distribution alongside the bike’s immense torque that puts Neematic at the frontier of high performance e-bikes.”

Neematic is set to launch a pre-order campaign for FR/1 and start serial production later in 2017. Sign up to the mailing list and request a test drive.

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neematic fr 1 e bike heavy speed

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