Olcay Tuncay Karabulut’s 3 Wheel Chopper Concept Wants to Kill Your Momma

Imagine Batman was crazy in the brain for motorcycles, but was starting to a bit long in the tooth and didn’t want to have to throw his bat-weight around to negotiate Gotham City’s excessively dank corners anymore. Okay, you’ve got it. Now go buy it. Hang on… the editor says we need to say some more about this thing.

olcay tuncay karabulut 3 wheel motorcycle garage

It’s called the 3 Wheel Chopper Concept, and that’s exactly what it is- a three-wheel motorbike that is stripped down to the absolute necessities- just the way the Hells Angels would have it. But, there’s more. It sports glossy black fenders- and some other minimal bodywork, silver and powder gray highlights, low profile mag wheels, rear view mirrors that are just slim enough to be legal, (and look slightly weaponized- to be perfectly honest). The bodywork over the gas tank is a sleek, humped, and vaguely crab-like cover that’s damned sexy. Enormous disc breaks stand out like whiffle-style dinner plates- because apparently, this thing can really get up to speed. The headlight is a grim looking rectangle full of LEDs, and the seat is wide enough to accommodate your office sized rear end while remaining simple enough to fit the motif.

olcay tuncay karabulut 3 wheel motorcycle feature

Designer, Olcay Tuncay Karabulut, has a running theme going that the 3 wheel chopper fits right into- a line of motorbikes that look like futuristic widowmakers from hell.

Okay, to be honest, it’s not a true chopper. A real chopper doesn’t have anything that satisfies the law on it such as lights, mirrors, and a license plate bracket. But look, if you’re feeling brassy, you’re welcome to strip this work of art down a bit further. But why tempt fate? Why?

Check it out

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