Otocycles RaceR

Otocycles, the Barcelona-based designer of electric bicycles, has come out with a very cool new design with their latest launch, the RaceR. It is the first e-bike inspired by the legendary Cafe Racer, popular in the 50s. While most of us weren’t alive for the Cafe Racer’s peak in popularity, it has been long revered and emulated by many different companies. Otocycles is a new and welcome addition to the market.

otocycles racer body shape

Bulding off their previous OtoR and OtoK models, Otocycles has introduced improvements such as a bigger front light and an adjustable saddle, both of which are sure to keep you safe and comfortable. Another new feature that the brand has included in the RaceR is the use of recycled materials in the bike. With them, the brand has created a bag in which the battery is stored. So not only is the bike electric, stylish, and light at only 28kg, but it also is made using some receycled materials. Overall, it’s a great product for e-bike consumers everywhere.

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otocycles racer color