toyota fj45 land cruiser 1981

Restored & Refined – FJ Company 1981 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser

Pre-owned vehicles are typically appealing for their value, not history. This 1981 FJ45 Troop Carrier served the Colombian National Guard, a national university, and a foundation for troubled teens. The FJ Company added it to their inventory and went about restoring the vehicle to its former glory long before it travelled the globe.

Under the hood of this classic Cruiser is an upgraded 3F engine that was also the most powerful F series engine produced by Toyota – and its last. Paired with an automatic transmission and Old Man Emu suspension passengers are in for some smooth sailing. FJ kept this Troopy’s classic good looks intact which means aggressive fenders, iconic headlight bezel and the long wheelbase you know and love along with several carefully chosen updates. The exterior is painted in Toyota OEM Beige, and the hardtop was replaced with one of FJ’s custom soft tops. The lighting was upgraded and every emblem was replaced with a new original version.

toyota fj45 land cruiser 1981 interior

Inside, the cabin has been refined to portray a perfect blend of throwback style and modern convenience. The front bucket seats are trimmed in Tan vinyl, as are the second-row bench seats, and the two fold-down seats in the back. Modern air conditioning and a premium audio system both flow through the cabin.

Sadly this particular vehicle is sold. Once it was perfected, customised and tested, it was then delivered to the new owner’s Texas ranch, for a second run at life. If you’re interested in a Land Cruiser like this one, the FJ Company restores all types. Check out their inventory or send them a message to get started.

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toyota fj45 troop carrier

toyota land cruiser outside view

toyota land cruiser looking glass

toyota land cruiser logo

toyota land cruiser front yellow logo

bf goodrich mud terrain

toyota land cruiser seat and steering wheel

toyota fj45 steering wheel

toyota fj45 music player and button

toyota fj45 gear and handbrake

toyota fj45 back side seat with belt


toyota fj45 back side view with indicator

toyota fj45 inside decoration back part view

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