STRiDA SX – Folding Bike

The modern commute with busy traffic, one way streets and underground trains requires the most modern way of tackling the city. The folding bike has allowed the urban warrior tackle the most complicated of commutes with ease. However, up to now most folding frames have looked like you will need to wear trouser clips just to stand near them. That is not a good look. The STRiDA SX is a stylish new folding bike that provides simple solutions to some of the most commons problems with folding bikes. The triangular design has the ability to roll when folded so no need to carry; it has the smallest footprint of any folding bike on the market so you will not be hitting your fellow commuters when you jump on the train with it. The single speed makes for easy riding whilst the upright riding position is ideal for when carrying a heavy bag on your back limiting neck strain. Available in black, grey and orange.

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