Wallytender X Cruiser Yacht – Fast and Luxurious

Some yachts are made for relaxing and lounging on the open water. The Wallytender X Cruiser Yacht is not one of these boats. This vessel was made for those people that want to experience the exhilaration of reaching top speeds. This baby will leave a large wake behind everywhere it goes.

wallytender x cruiser yacht luxury seat

With a breakneck top speed of 60 knots, this yacht delivers a white-knuckle experience.
Many fast boats that deliver on speed and performance are unimpressive when it comes to luxury. They are designed for speed, and that is all. However, the Wallytender X Cruiser is different. This day cruiser was made to entertain in style and deliver a comfortable, luxurious experience.

wallytender x cruiser yacht luxury bed

The brilliant design of the Wallytender X focuses on world-class craftsmanship and commanding speed. This cruiser achieves the perfect balance of luxury and performance. The Wallytender X can carry up to three Mercury 400R Verado outboards producing a combined impressive 1200-horsepower. She reaches 60 knots easily with the three configuration setup.

wallytender x cruiser yacht luxury wash room

There are sun lounges located both on the aft and bow of the yacht. With room for 12 people, this yacht is perfect for entertaining. It has plenty of social space and looks very inviting for a day of lounging once you are settled into your location. The cabin has a double bed, galley and shower. There is also dual refrigerators to keep your food and campaign cold.

wallytender x cruiser yacht speed

Overall, the Wallytender X Cruiser offers an impressive combination of luxury and performance that we have not seen in many other yachts.

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wallytender x cruiser yacht front and side

wallytender x cruiser yacht back

wallytender x cruiser yacht controller system

wallytender x cruiser yacht design

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