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28 Best Australian Men's Clothing Brands & Designers | Man of Many

When it comes to men’s fashion, Australia has many options but it’s hard to go past Academy Brand. The brainchild of former advertising creative Anthony Pitt, Academy Brand debuted in 2008 and has been killing it ever since. Unfettered men’s fashion at a great price is the name of the game here, and the label never fails to abide. Between its supremely accessible website and range of retail locations, this popular Australian clothing brand is always within reach.

1. Academy Brand

Do you like the sound of coastal-inspired designs and exclusive materials at completely approachable price points? If so, then you’ll love Assembly Label, an Aussie brand that’s been making a big scene since 2011. For an elevated approach to menswear basics—which will stay fresh for years to come—look no further.

2. Assembly Label

True to its name, this Australian men’s fashion brand projects freedom and independence one lookbook at a time. Founded by Melbourne graphic designer and music producer Nick Demkiw in 2003, Autonomy takes a diverse and kinetic approach to fashion, never getting stuck in one place for too long. That said, neutral colours do tend to dominate, something no one is arguing with.

3. Autonomy

If there’s a brand that captures casual Sydney style more than Barney Cools, we have yet to find it. Delivering vibrant colours and a care-free vibe, this Aussie clothing label obliges you to step outdoors and experience the world on a warm afternoon, staying out well past sundown. We like to call that the Sydney way. If the world is turning on to Aussie streetwear brands and coastal fashion trends, this right here is one huge reason why. Barney Cools is one of the best Australian men’s clothing brands on the market.

4. Barney Cools

As the name might suggest, Bassike takes a top-shelf approach to denim, jerseys, and other ready-to-wear basics. The label was founded in 2006 by Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan, who incorporate minimalist designs, premium materials, and sustainable practices. It all makes for quality apparel that feels great on multiple levels and looks great to boot.

5. Bassike

Since 2014, Brunswick-based BLAIRARCHIBALD has been putting its signature spin on Aussie menswear culture to international acclaim. Each collection represents an innovative fusion of minimalist colour and quality materials, exhibiting influences from the respective areas of military apparel and workwear. When it comes to Australian menswear brands, it comes as no surprise that this label won the prestigious Woolmark Prize in 2017.


What began as Australia’s first up-market men’s boutique has since become a full-blown institution, which continues to rank among the foremost names in urban design. Step into one of Calibre’s various locations to grab something stylish off the rack or get the tailored suit experience you deserve. It’s all crafted to perfection and guaranteed to impress.

7. Calibre

Designer Chris Ran Lin grew up in China and moved to Melbourne over ten years ago, honing his craft at RMIT. In 2013, he launched his namesake label, focussing on the power of knitted garments. Indeed, Lin gets downright masterful when it comes to wool, blending old school technique and new school aesthetic to profound effect. Warm vibes abound, to say the least.

8. Chris Ran Lin

In 2006, Ksubi alum Gareth Moody broke out on his own to kickstart a jewellery brand. Since then, Chronicles of Never has spread its proverbial wings to become one of Australia’s best fashion labels. Driving home themes of fantasy and spirituality are dark colours and unisex silhouettes. As if taking his last name to heart, Moody’s designs simply ooze with atmosphere.

9. Chronicles of Never

Bridging the gap between Sydney beach fashion and European design, Commas has modern aquatic menswear on lock. Sourcing its product from Italian mills, the Australian label drops one Instagram-worthy collection after another. Just one look at the brand’s crisp white shirts or striped trunks or linen robes will have you booking your next exotic getaway.

10. Commas

RMIT graduate Lukas Vincent is not your average surf dog and his baby, Ex Infinitas, is not your average surf and streetwear brand. Incorporating a vibrant colour palette and premium fabrics, Vincent’s oversized apparel wears its European influence on its sleeve (no pun intended). Not to be confused with activewear per se—especially once you scope some of those hefty price tags—this is more like a lifestyle statement in fashion form.

11. Ex Infinitas

When it comes to men’s clothing brands, Australia has a huge array of solid options but it’s hard to look past FEIT. Brothers Tull and Josh Prince founded FEIT in Australia before moving their operation to New York. Clearly, we don’t hold the re-location against them, hence their inclusion on our list of the best Australian men’s fashion brands. Plus, who can possibly refuse the label’s distinguished leather footwear and quality accessories, both of which strike a deft balance between luxury and modernity? No one, that’s who.

12. FEIT

‘Slow-fashion’ provides a foundational philosophy over at Jac + Jack, where meticulous attention to detail is quite simply a way of life. Founders Jacqueline ‘Jac’ Hunt and Lisa ‘Jack’ Dempsey involve themselves in every step of the process, working hands-on with textile mills and spinners. Making expert use of fabrics like merino wool, cashmere, and silk, the brand’s impeccable silhouettes bring forth copious comfort and style. Jac + Jack is one of the most stylish Australian men’s clothing brands on the market.

13. Jac + Jack

Hailing from Melbourne, Kloke remains synonymous with the best in urban fashion. Straddling the line between sidewalk and runway, the brand’s unmistakable outerwear brims with versatile appeal. There’s really no wrong place or way to rock the shirts, pants, shorts, and jackets from this Australian clothing label.

14. Kloke

Playing squarely by its own set of rules, Ksubi has brought some of the best Australian fashion to the world at large. It’s all about superior denim, gripping visuals, and raw accents at this wildly popular designer label, which also makes resoundingly unique eyewear. Come see what 141k Instagram followers and a fervidly loyal fanbase (including numerous celebrities) have already discovered.

15. Ksubi

Still have denim on the mind? Then be sure to check out Neuw, where signature denim reigns supreme. Distinguishing this Aussie label from the standard fare is its brilliant use of colour and material, among other things. Throw in a full range of fits and details and the brand leaves nothing to be desired. Neuw is one of the trendiest Australian men’s clothing brands on the market.

16. Neuw

As if Gareth Moody wasn’t busy enough overseeing Chronicles of Never, he and fellow Ksubi alum George Gorrow created this purposefully amorphous label. With its fingers on the pulse of modernity, Non-Type refuses to conform to a specific set of rules, trends, styles, or genres. The doors are wide open and the possibilities endless. All are welcome.

17. Non-Type

Husband and wife duo Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey are the team behind Perks and Mini, an Australian streetwear label that goes big on size and style alike. Expect eye-popping graphics on the brand’s range of killer apparel, along with the occasional understatement. Also featured are best-selling hats and instantly iconic accessories.

18. Perks and Mini

Australian men’s fashion might be dominated by an onslaught of new players, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some old school titans. Speaking of which, R.M. Williams has been crafting its popular leather boots using the same technique for over 70 years. The brand’s ruggedly handsome clothing and accessories are likewise the stuff of legend, especially in the outback. R.M. Williams is one of the most highly respected Australian men’s clothing brands on the market.

19. R.M. Williams

Song of the Mute is an ongoing story that unfolds one stunning chapter (i.e. collection) at a time. Founded by Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty, the Aussie brand weaves its masterpieces out of experimental methods, unique colours, and superior fabrics. This is another label that’s putting Australia on the world map of fashion and with good reason.

20. Song for the Mute

Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci employ a process they call “Metron-morphosis” when hand-crafting clothing for this top Aussie label. As unconventional that process may sound, Strateas Carlucci’s output is perfectly constructed and powerfully approachable. That said, a distinctive edginess persists.

21. Strateas Carlucci

Stylish streetwear gets an Aussie upgrade by way of this designer label, which additionally touts some European flavour. Whether you’re looking for bright yellow drawstring pants or breezy-but-sophisticated coastal fashion, you’ll find it at Surrounded by Ghosts.

22. Surrounded by Ghosts

After legendary denim brand Claude Maus folded, founder Rob Maniscalco returned with Templa Projects, and perfected the art of high-performance outerwear in the process. Aimed at snowboard kings and urban warriors alike, the label’s jackets, vests, and tops combine fashion and function to brilliant effect. Accept no substitutes.

23. Templa Projects

Representing a collaboration between various creative minds, Ten Pieces originally kicked off in 2011 with a focus on athleisure wear. It has since become something far more versatile, culling from a variety of scenes and influences. The central idea is that you can mix and match up to ten pieces at once, thereby serving as a canvas for your own artistic whims. Ultimately, there is no situation or environment this Australian fashion brand can’t handle.

24. Ten Pieces

At the crossroads between surf, music, and street culture lies Bondi Beach’s own The People Vs. Dexterously blending vintage design with modern quality, the Australian label delivers gnarly attitude and clean style in equal measure, reeling in tons of young followers as a result.

25. The People Vs.

They like things “a little rough around the edges” at Three Over One, hence the somewhat utilitarian vibe. The Australian brand takes its name from tailoring terms and accordingly retains a kung-fu grip over quality control, working hands-on with Aussie manufacturers and laundries. Sealing the deal are vintage-inspired designs of timeless magnitude.

26. Three Over One

What began as a wholesale operation has evolved into one of Australia’s foremost swimwear and leisurewear brands, with a continually growing fanbase to show for it. If you want a taste of the coastal lifestyle, Venroy makes for an ideal place to start. The label does Bondi Beach proud, to say the least.

27. Venroy

Underwhelmed by the Australian men’s fashion scene in the early naughts, designers Leith Testoni & Jonathon Yeo created Zanerobe to fill the gaps. To this day, the progressive streetwear brand only makes clothing that its founders actually want to wear. Their streamlined fusion of approachability and personality strikes the perfect chord. Zanerobe is one of the most widely recognised Australian men’s clothing brands on the market.

28. Zanerobe

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