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10 Best Coffee Machines in Australia for 2024

For all the true coffee aficionados out there, accept nothing less than those on our list of the best coffee machines for home and office. While generally expensive (if you want a good one, at least), these glorious units have the potential to save you money in the long run. Indeed, those morning trips to the local barista can definitely add up! Considering we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the bean juice, it’s not easy. Whether you’re looking at those Breville machines you find in the big department stores, specialist units for enthusiasts, or just a great pod machine for the office, there’s a style and format for you below.

Best Coffee Machines at a Glance

Highlights from our list include the following:

Now we’ve had a look at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

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We recently went hands-on with the Breville Barista Touch Impress | Image: Man of Many

1. Breville Barista Touch Impress – Best Overall

Price: from AUD$2,149

Fundamentally, the hardware in the Breville Barista Touch Impress is top-class for an appliance-level machine. Pricing is competitive when you look at prosumer machines such as the Lelit Bianca V3 (AUD$4,399) and La Marzocco Linea Micra (AUD$5,999). It’s extremely easy to use with CPU-monitored extraction temps and grind settings alongside automatic Auto MilQ settings for milk.Better coffee can be made with a little more effort and practice. Integrated grinders will always limit the quality of your coffee. Breville Dual Boiler is better suited for those willing to learn the art of espresso.

Our experts say: Put away the pods and make better coffee from the comfort of your home with the Breville Barista Touch Impress. This coffee machine tops our list of the best for its combination of quality hardware and clever software that manages all the hard and arduous tasks for you e.g. grinding, temperatures, extraction, and milk foam.

Even with a steeper entry price of around AUD$2,149, the barista-quality coffee will save you money in the long run. Sure, you could save a few dollars and opt for a cheaper automatic coffee machine – many of which we’ve listed below – but do you really want to watch milk temperatures, measure espresso draw weights, and master microfoam settings before work? The Breville Barista Touch Impress has all the features.

Those who live in a household with mixed milk drinkers will love the Auto MilQ setting that finds the perfect milk settings for dairy, almond, oat, and soy milk. You can even customise these settings, save them, and create an extra-hot, frothy, macchiato creation time and time again.

Image 1
The controls on the Breville Barista Touch Impress are simple with no real learning curve | Image: Man of Many

The machine helps you control your extraction temps and grind settings – perfect for someone who changes beans constantly. The entire process is impressive from both a hardware and software perspective. At its core, you’ll find a Baratza burr grinder, 54mm stainless steel portafilter, and 22-pound-of-pressure tamper with a 7-degree twist to make perfect pucks. From there, the software takes over, with a CPU that takes care of extraction pressures, grind settings, and temperatures. Simple, easy.

If you’re stepping up from a pod machine, maintenance will be similar. We found ourselves descaling the machine once a week and we did have to perform a group head clean at one point (through the touch menus, using a provided cleaning pellet), but it couldn’t have been easier.

Coffee snobs will turn their noses at the integrated grinder, lack of dual boilers, and overall level of control. Still, it’s the difference between a coffee that takes 30 seconds to make and one that could take 10 minutes after warming the boilers. If you’re interested in levelling up, check out the Breville Dual Boiler.

The morning machine best coffee machines
The Morning Machine | Image: Drink Morning

2. The Morning Machine – Best Pod Machine

Price: from AUD$599

Between its advanced controls and bespoke capsules, The Morning Machine dials up the personalisation factor so that users can get the exact drink that they want. The machine doesn’t include a frother while the advanced control features might feel overly complicated to certain users.

Our experts say: Forget everything you know about pod coffee machines. The Morning Machine is our favourite pod machine on the market because it adds more control over your pod espresso than anything we’ve tested before. From water volume settings to temperature control (65ºC to 99ºC), in-built scales and customizable pressure programs combine with a useful and intuitive mobile app to adjust your brews according to your roaster’s recommendations. You can save up to ten of your favourites.

The brand has partnered with leading roasters to offer bespoke capsules to match your daily grind. Have a look for yourself at The Morning Marketplace and find some of our favourites, including the Blacklist Coffee Roaster ‘Big Buzz’ and Allpress Espresso ‘A.R.T’. We also recommend their drip bags.

Technically speaking, the in-built temperature control is the basis for quality coffee. However, the pressure programs and water volume settings are what elevates The Morning Machine above your run-of-the-mill pod machine. By ramping up the pressure over the length of the extraction, your coffee ground will infuse itself with water before extracting the perfect amount of coffee with the right amount of weight. The scale lets you monitor the process to make sure the length of time grounds are exposed to water and the weight of coffee overall. Too complicated? Control it through the app.

If you want to add milk to your Morning Machine espresso, you’ll have to purchase a frother from a third party because the brand doesn’t have its own. We recommend the Breville Milk Cafe.

Delonghi magnifica evo
De’Longhi Magnifica Evo | Image: De’Longhi

3. De’Longhi Magnifica Evo – Best Automatic Coffee Machine

Price: from AUD$829

Easy-to-navigate touch panel interface with seamless button controls. Makes delicious espresso drinks and produces zero milk waste.Sometimes it needs to run for a while to make consistently hot drinks. Will still require regular maintenance in spite of its advanced features. It might take a few uses before you land on your desirable grind or water volume.

Our experts say: Long-running fans of De’Longhi espresso machines are in for a pleasant surprise when they pick up the Magnifica Evo and its high-tech upgrades, including illustrative button controls on the touch panel interface. Each button features easy-to-read symbols along with streamlined text, allowing users to make a variety of coffee drinks at the touch of a…well…button. Combine that with customisable options and tasty beverage output and you’re looking at the best automatic coffee machine that money can buy.

The Magnifica Evo springs to life as soon as you hit the power button and kicks things off with an automatic self-cleaning. Under a minute later, the sleek machine is ready to roll. Start your journey by selecting between one of three available bean counts with an associated grind time (ranging from 3 to 7 seconds). It’s no secret that self-grinding machines can vary in terms of output but this one yields a fairly dense and compact disc before brewing. You can also adjust the grind using a manual wheel on the back.

Delonghi magnifica evo buttons
We love the digital touch panel for temperature control | Image: De’Longhi

With a digital touch panel comes even more options such as temperature control. To use this feature, hold down the settings button and watch as the interface changes before your very eyes. Press the settings button again and select the coffee drink of your choice. The machine purrs into operation and deftly pulls espresso with ample crema. Remove the hot water tap (another convenient feature) and attach the milk frother and now you can make hot lattes or cappuccinos. Not only that, but the MyLatte function automatically detects the milk and thereby produces zero milk waste.

While compact at first glance, the Magnifica Evo is more roomy than first meets the eye. Everything from the 1.8-litre water tank to the drip tray (and more) is able to hold considerable volume, meaning you won’t be overburdened with maintenance. For its respective price range, our testing shows that this is a versatile and reliable machine perfect for single dwellers and whole families alike.

Breville the bambino plus
Breville The Bambino Plus | Image: Breville

4. Breville The Bambino Plus – Best Home Coffee Machine

Price: from AUD$619

Brushed stainless steel construction lends The Bambino Plus a modern, industrial vibe, while an easy-to-use interface and advanced features make the price tag seem like a steal. The machine also delivers consistent performance across regular espresso drinks and milk-based ones alike.The machine’s small size means you need to refill it more than you would with larger counterparts. The lack of a built-in grinder might deter certain users.

Our experts say: Don’t be fooled by the compact size or the industrial vibe of this world-class coffee machine as it comes loaded with advanced features. It also punches well above its affordable price tag and delivers the kind of performance you’d expect to find on more expensive counterparts. Speaking of things you don’t expect to find at this price range, the machine comes with a built-in PID controller to ensure consistent temperature and texture.

Breville the bambino plus controls
Simple controls on the Bambino Plus | Image: Breville

Being a smaller machine, The Bambino Plus isn’t necessarily good for large families or the type of people who like to make multiple drinks in a single day. That said, it’s still capable of producing a number of beverages before needing to be refilled. The lack of a built-in grinder might be a turn-off for certain types of drinkers, but some experts would actually consider this a positive attribute. And while the machine only possesses one boiler, it can switch between brewing and frothing with ease and expediency.

The most distinguishing aspect of Breville’s mighty Bambino Plus is its 4-keys formula, inspired by professional-grade barista machines. Using a stainless steel precision puck, 9-bar extraction pressure, patented ThermoJet heating system, and automatic steam wand (with adjustable settings), the machine generates specialty coffee drinks of exceptional taste, temperature, and texture. It’s supremely easy to use and also quite unobtrusive due to its compact size. All this and more make it our pick for the best home coffee machine overall.

Sunbeam compact barista espresso machine
Sunbeam Compact Barista Espresso Machine | Image: Supplied

5. Sunbeam Compact Barista Espresso Machine – Best Budget Machine

Price: from AUD$279

The machine can brew up to two cups at a time. It features stainless steel components, delivers long-lasting performance, and makes a flavourful espresso drink with velvety milk froth.The Compact Barista is known to be inconsistent on occasion. It also includes numerous plastic parts and feels a little cheaper than certain alternatives as a result.

Our experts say: Sunbeam’s Compact Barista Espresso Machine puts big things in a small and affordable package and nabs our vote for the best coffee machine on a budget. Forged from stainless steel with a 1L capacity, it covers the basics with considerable panache and holds its own against costlier counterparts. Making a great deal that much greater, it can occasionally be purchased at a generous discount. In fact, some people have reported paying as little as AUD$169 for this bad boy at stores like The Good Guys and Harvey Norman.

Sunbeam compact barista espresso machine controls
For such an affordable machine the construction quality is exceptional | Image: Sunbeam

Industrial in both strength and appearance, this manual machine earns immediate high marks for its long-lasting performance. It might not be as hefty as costlier alternatives, but it’s forged from stainless steel nevertheless, which extends to various components such as the cafe-style steel wand and espresso basket. Built-in thermoblock heating technology acts quickly and efficiently and you can even choose between one or two cups of coffee at a time.

Thanks to auto-shot volumetric control, pre-infusion, and 15-bar pump pressure, the Compact Barista Espresso Machine generally whips up a balanced and flavourful espresso. The adjoining milk wand is likewise quite dependable, especially when one takes the price tag into consideration. For those who want steady performance without breaking the bank or taking up too much counter space, here’s your best option.

Best coffee machines
La Marzocco Linea Micra | Image: La Marzocco

6. La Marzocco Linea Micra – Best Expensive

Price: from AUD$5,999

The Linea Marca is built to industrial-grade specifications, resulting in supreme consistency, speed, and quality. Its streamlined interface, dual boiler, and lack of superfluous detail improve the user experience and arguably justify the cost. When it comes to pulling espresso shots and steaming milk, this one is hard to beat. The machine’s small size makes it harder to use taller cups for espresso drinks, while the shorter steam wand takes some practice. Of course, the biggest con for most customers will be the outrageous price tag.

Our experts say: La Marzocco’s smallest coffee machine to date takes visual inspiration from beloved brethren such as the Classic S and Linea Mini. Comparatively compact, it nevertheless renders an outsized impression by way of its superlative features, including a dual boiler, rotary pump, and dual PID temperature controller. Rather than overcomplicate itself, the machine focuses primarily on pulling espresso shots and steaming milk and does so in truly spectacular fashion.

With its handmade construction and hefty weight (of approximately 70 lbs), the Linea Micra scales commercial-grade performance down to kitchen-friendly size. App compatibility injects a technological touch, but the machine ultimately feels timeless in terms of design. Thanks to the double boiler, meanwhile, users can pull espresso and steam milk simultaneously to expedite their morning routine. The steam boiler also preheats the water in the brew boiler, leading to improved time and consistency when making back-to-back espresso shots.

It goes without saying that AUD$5,999 is a lot to spend on a coffee machine, making this one a non-starter for the majority of potential customers. But if you have deep pockets and a love for espresso drinks, the Linea Micra delivers consistent performance and a decor-boosting aesthetic within a completely streamlined framework.

Lavazza desea coffee machine
Lavazza A Modo Mio Deséa | Image: Lavazza

7. Lavazza A Modo Mio Deséa – Best Pod with Milk Machine

Price: from AUD$349

Unlike most pod machines, this one froths the milk directly inside the mug. It also offers seamless usability by way of a one-touch barista interface. Convenience is the biggest takeaway here. Pod machines usually offer less quality and consistency than manual machines and this one is no exception. Some users might also want to use their own mug as opposed to the one provided.

Our experts say: Coffee machines don’t get easier to use than this one from Lavazza, which excels and convenience, consistency, and versatility alike. Unlike most products of its kind, this one uses a patented foaming method to froth the milk directly inside the cup when making a variety of espresso drinks. It also offers seamless touch-button control and a wider beverage selection than standard counterparts.

Striving for simplicity, A Modo Mio Deséa employs a ‘One Touch Barista’ interface that’s divided between coffee options (long espresso, free pour, etc) and milk beverage options (macchiato, cappuccino, etc). To make a hot or cold milk-based drink, add your desired amount of milk into the provided mug, close the lid on the mug, and select your beverage. The machine also allows you to adjust things like temperature and foam level, though your mileage may vary in that particular department.

Will A Modo Mio Deséa generate the same tier of flavour and consistency as a manual machine? Definitely not. Users might also want to transfer their beverage from the provided mug into a mug of their own, affecting texture and temperature along the way. Nevertheless, this sleek and compact machine has modern usability down pat.

Breville the barista express
Breville The Barista Express | Image: Breville

8. Breville The Barista Express – Best Manual Coffee Machine

Price: from AUD$599

The Barista Express offers one of the best price-to-performance ratios on the market. Features such as a built-in grinder result in greater control over the consistency and flavour of your espresso. Often dubbed the perfect entry-level machine, it’s also a consistent crowd-pleaser among coffee lovers of every experience level. A single boiler means you can’t brew your espresso and froth your milk simultaneously. Some users also complain that the built-in grinder and frother are inferior to certain counterparts.

Our experts say: We know what you might be thinking: how can a AUD$599 espresso machine be the best when some manual alternatives cost upwards of AUD$5,000 (such as the aforementioned Linea Micra)? Yet it’s this very combination of value and performance that makes The Barista Express such a living classic. More than a perfect point of entry, it’s arguably the only machine that most coffee drinkers (of any experience level) ever need to buy.

Breville the barista express controls
Breville The Barista Express | Image: Breville

By putting all the essential features in one stylish and relatively affordable package, The Barista Express delivers genuine bang for your buck. Chief among these features is a built-in grinder, which enables greater control over things like the texture and dosage of your grind. Bring in pre-allocated volume control, a magnetic-mounted tamper, and up to 15 bar of pressure and you get excellent crema and consistency in your espresso from one pull to the next. A dependable milk frother seals the deal.

As its very name would suggest, The Barista Express simplifies the coffee-making process but still requires you to hone your inner barista. Hence, beginners might undergo a little trial-and-error as they learn the basics of espresso. But once you’ve mastered your grind, you’ll discover the true difference in quality that a manual machine like this one can make.

Aeropress go i hand
AeroPress Go | Image: AeroPress

9. AeroPress Go – Best Portable Coffee Maker

Price: from AUD$54.99

Aeropress Go uses simple but advanced design elements to offer high-quality coffee or espresso brewing at an unbeatable price. It’s effortlessly portable and almost endlessly reusable, provided you treat it with care.If you already own an Aeropress, you might not see the point in purchasing this slightly smaller version, which offers less overall volume. The provided mug is made of plastic and that’s not to everyone’s tastes. Users who want coffee drinks with steamed milk might find themselves with additional challenges on their hands.

Our experts say: The original Aeropress remains wildly popular due to its travel-friendly size, ingenious design, and affordable price tag. This recent iteration shaves off a few inches and dials up the portability factor as a result, all while delivering the same tier of effectiveness, value, and usability. Like its beloved predecessor, Aeropress Go proves that you don’t need fancy equipment or deep pockets to make a quality brew either at home or on the road.

More functional than it first appears, Aeropress Go essentially rolls a French press, drip coffee maker, and espresso maker into one. Using it is basically as simple as pouring your grind into the chamber, adding hot water, stirring the slurry, and applying the plunger. Hot coffee or espresso comes through a filter into a provided mug in a matter of minutes. Enjoy your piping hot brew and don’t forget to discard the grounds or clean the plunger before stowing away.

Whereas many coffee makers on the list are “manual,” Aeropress Go takes the concept to a rather fundamental extreme. That means users will probably need to master the basics, such as measuring and grinding the beans on their own, adding the right amount of hot water, and learning how to use the plunger. But these are minor educational hurdles that can be surmounted on first use, as drinkers discover an expedient and effortlessly portable brewing system.

Lelit bianca v3
Lelit Bianca V3 | Image: Lelit

10. Lelit Bianca V3 – Best for Any Budget

Price: from AUD$4,399

Steam is very powerful with four holes in the tip to allow quick milk frothing. It’s an E61-based machine but it manages to heat up and become useable in under 20-mins which is almost twice as quick as other grouphead machines. It’s also a very quiet machine to use. Maybe our only complaint with the machine is the fact it ships with maximum pressure set to 10 bar. This can, however, be adjusted with tools and set to a preferable pressure of 9 bar but it’s difficult to control during the shot. Oddly, the water tank has no maximum fill level indicator.

Our experts say: Put simply, this is the best prosumer coffee machine available in Australia and likely the only machine you’ll ever need to buy in your lifetime. The first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous design with shiny stainless, crafted metals, and walnut touches on the handle of the E61-style grouphead. This is the type of unit that can become the centrepiece of your kitchen and you’ll want it to with a price around AUD$4,399. Still, it’s remarkably cheaper than the La Marzocco Linea Micra (AUD$5,999).

We love how the temperature controls for the dual boilers are displayed on a PID display on the front of the machine, but the most impressive feature is the flow profiling that adjusts extraction speed. This is controlled by turning the paddle left or right and you can monitor through the pressure puck.

While it’s a quick machine that gets up to temperature in half the amount of time compared to other E61 rotary pump machines, it’s still not the unit we’d recommend for a beginner coffee lover. You’ll find a steeper learning curve than the Breville Dual Boiler, but an overall better coffee should you dedicate a little time to learning the ins and outs of the machine. Finally, we’d recommend swapping the standard Lelit 58mm portafilter basket for a VST branded unit as we’ve found them to be the difference between a great and exceptional coffee over the year.

Alternatives to These Coffee Machines

If the coffee machines above don’t work for you, check out these alternatives.

Delonghi nespresso citiz
De’Longhi Nespresso Citiz | Image: De’Longhi

De’Longhi Nespresso Citiz

Price: from AUD$329

DeLonghi offers a host of top Nespresso machines, including this one. Naturally, the award-winning, affordable, and supremely long-lasting addition is one of the best coffee pod machines on the market. If you don’t want to overthink the whole process, your journey might very well end here. This machine produces single servings of either coffee or espresso, 19 bar pump system, quick heat-up times, adjustable cup sizes, compact design, integrated milk frother, energy-saving features

Delonghi primadonna soul
De’Longhi Primadonna Soul | Image: De’Longhi

De’Longhi Primadonna Soul

Price: from AUD$1,999

DeLonghi’s ultimate home coffee machine, the PrimaDonna Soul does pretty much everything for you. With a AUD$2,799 price tag, the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Soul isn’t cheap, but it does promise high-quality coffee across a range of customisable beverages. As we noted in our full review of this machine the big dog performer does deliver the goods. In fact, you can even program your order from the comfort of your bed thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and the automatic PrimaDonna Soul’s Bean Adapt Technology. Using the large 4.3” TFT touch display, you can cycle through the pre-programmed 21 one-touch recipes, including staples like a cappuccino, flat white, or a latte. Plus, you can also program in five user profiles, offering everyone in the household a unique coffee experience.

Flair pro 2 manual espresso maker
Flair Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker | Image: Flair

Flair Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker

Price: from AUD$540

Between its portable design, artisanal flourish, and affordable price tag, this is easily the best manual espresso maker for its price range. Use it at home or on camping trips or anywhere between. Also, being a manual coffee machine, it is easy to use and doesn’t take a ton of time. Look ma, no electricity!

Gaggia carezza deluxe
Gaggia Carezza Deluxe | Image: Gaggia

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe

Price: from AUD$739

Gaggia ranks amongst the best names in the game and here we have one of their basic entries, which makes both coffee and espresso. Landing somewhere in the middle in terms of price, this home espresso machine has the ability to make pressurized porta filter brews from both ground Coffee and ESE pods. Better still, the pre-infusion function pre-wets the grounds before brewing for rich, even extraction.

Ecm synchronika dual boiler
ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler | Image: ECM Synchronika

ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler

Price: from AUD$4,899

Between its retro aesthetic and modern functionality, this top home espresso maker brings the best of all worlds. If you plan on making your home espresso machine a permanent fixture, you can switch from the water tank to a fixed water connection. The silver-coloured PID display also shows off the individual adjustment of the temperatures, indicates the coffee brewing time and has an optional display of the brew group cleaning reminder.

Kees van der westen speedster
Kees van der Westen Speedster | Image: Kees van der Westen

Kees van der Westen Speedster

Price: from AUD$16,499

When only the most expensive espresso machine will suffice, make way for The Speedster. A fixture in hip coffee shops, it’s also available in this home-friendly version. Under the hood, the heat exchanger in the steam boiler pre-heats water flowing to the coffee boiler, decreasing possible temperature fluctuations in the coffee boiler. For serious customisation, there are individual electronic temperature controllers for each boiler, showing the displays in full easy view.

Why You Should Trust Our List

What first looks like a lofty investment delivers a return over time and—ideally—an elevated tier of quality in your coffee. They usually say it’s all in the beans, but as you know, it’s also in the delivery system. Culling from coffee machine reviews, personal experience, and first-hand testimony, we compiled this list of the world’s top espresso machines. We only looked at the top-rated and reviewed products across the internet, while also taking into account user reviews on official websites. From there, we were able to put our own coffee expertise on the line and curate the top espresso machines on earth. Here’s how we test products.

What to Look for in a Good Coffee Machine

Types of Coffee Machines

  • Automatic Coffee Machine: The most expensive option, this type of espresso machine does everything on your behalf, meaning it grinds the beans, packs the filter, pumps the espresso, froths the milk, and even discards the waste.
  • Manual Coffee Machine: You pump out the espresso by hand (i.e. manually) without electricity.
  • Espresso Machine: You grind the beans and pack them into the filter (with help from a tamper). Push a button and the machine pumps out espresso, stopping either on its own or when you push the button again.
  • Pod Machine: You probably know the drill: apply a pre-packed pod to the filter, press a button, and let this semi or fully-automatic machine take care of the rest. Just know that there’s a member of the Italian Espresso National Institute shaking his head somewhere.

Key Features

1. Dual Boilers

Separating the boilers for steam and brewing is the only way to achieve a quality coffee. You don’t extract at the same temperature as you steam milk so you need dual boilers to achieve this.

2. Temperature Control, Preferably PID

The ultimate set-and-forget control in coffee making is achieved with a digital temperature control. It makes your coffee consistent by removing any pre-required skills from the mix. Set the temperature and let the machine adjust all the parameters to create a great morning brew.

3. Unpressurised Baskets

You’ll never achieve a barista-quality coffee without an unpressurised basket. Some brands include pressure baskets to remove poor grinding and tamping from the equation, but we highly recommend spending AUD$25 on an unpressurised basket and practising these steps until you nail them.

4. Size of the Portafilter

A larger portafilter measuring 58mm offers a richer flavoured coffee when compared to the 54mm options shipped with many entry-level machines.

5. Overpressure Valve

You should only extract coffee at 9 bars of pressure. Some machines, Italian machines such as the Lelit Bianca V3, ship at a higher 10 bar pressure, but you need to control this to achieve a great coffee. Here’s where an overpressure valve comes into play, it bleeds off excessive pressure as soon as it’s detected to achieve this magic number.

6. Steamer Holes

The magic number of steamer holes is four, however, some machines only offer a single hole which isn’t enough to bring the milk up to temp quickly and stretch it out for fluffy cappuccinos.

Your Coffee Machine FAQs Answered

What are the best home espresso machines?

For most people, brands such as Breville and Delonghi make some of the best espresso machines for under AUD$1,000. If money isn’t an issue, check out the Kees Van Der Westen Speedster, La Marzocco GS3 MP, Rocket Porta Via, Jura GIGA 6, or Superveloce Flat Six.

What is True Espresso?

In the eyes of the Italian Espresso National Institute, “certified Italian espresso” must be made according to very exact standards. Rather than inundate you with measurements and other minutiae, allow us to paraphrase: true espresso results when a small amount of piping hot water is squeezed through finely ground coffee at a minimum pressure of 9 bars.

In turn, you get a condensed and highly caffeinated beverage with a creamy layer along the top. Typically bitter, espresso often takes some getting used to in terms of flavour. On the other hand, you’re always welcome to add cream and sugar. A single shot consists of 1 oz.

Which espresso coffee machine is best?

If you want the most bang for your buck, the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine is one of the best you can buy. If you’re looking for a great coffee pod espresso machine, check out The Morning Machine, it’s the most advanced on the market in our testing. At the much higher end of the spectrum are ultra-luxe models like the Kees Van Der Westen Speedster, La Marzocco GS3 MP, or Jura GIGA 6.

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