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12 Best Mini Golf Courses in Perth | Man of Many

Goanna Golf is Perth’s newest 18-hole mini-golf course. The course is located in the beautiful surroundings of Point Walter. This Australian-themed mini-golf adventure is filled with incredible landscaping and a mix of natural and wacky hazards that will test your putt-putt skills. This 18-hole mini-golf course offers both easy and difficult options with varying pars throughout the course.

1. Goanna Golf

Glowing Rooms is Perths first 3D glow in the dark mini-golf course. The course is surrounded by intense colours, ultraviolet light and hand-painted artworks that have been done by local artists. Golf wearing special 3D glasses to experience the golf balls hovering above the ground and even animals, characters and iconic Aussie landmarks coming out of the walls. Experience space, putt put under the sea or play next to superheroes and even in the familiar landscapes of Australia.

2. Glowing Rooms

Wanneroo Botanic Gardens and Mini Golf is one of the biggest miniature golf courses in Australia. The course has 36 holes that are nestled in one of the largest privately-owned gardens in WA. Each mini-golf track is around 12 metres long and features obstacles of varying difficulty. There’s even a “billiard” style mini-golf course that’s played more like a game of pool. From Thursday to Sunday you can play at night using light-up LED golf balls.

3. Wanneroo Botanic Gardens and Mini Golf

Wembley Golf Course is an 18-hole open-air mini-golf course. The landscape is a scaled-down version of a full-size golf course, including mini sand bunkers and water hazards, bridges and more. The course allows you to choose your difficulty level, red is for beginners, blue is for intermediate and black is for advanced. The course is designed for both adults and children making it fun for the whole family.

4. Wembley Golf Course

Amaze Miniature Park features a 12-hole mini-golf course. There’s even mazes, cute little English-style miniature villages and even trains hiding among the amazing gardens with a rose garden, ponds, wishing fountain, water features and other activities. The 12-hole open-air mini-golf course features some challenges and hazards that are fun and perfect for all difficulty levels.

5. Amaze Miniature Park

Holey Moley Golf Club Carousel is an awesome combination of bar and indoor mini-golf course. Holey Moley’s course allows you to choose from 9 holes, 18 holes or even 27 holes. With tones of maze themed courses to pick from like iconic sets from the Simpsons and the Wizard of Oz to name a few and many more to chose from, you’ll have no excuse to not have fun. after you play visit the Caddyshack Bar for some beers and a bite or two.

6. Holey Moley Golf Club Carousel

Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt Mini Golf is not your average miniature golf course. Supa Golf is a modified version of normal golf, where you can play with huge plastic clubs and balls making it fun and easy to play for all ages. The 18 hole course is filled with bunkers and water traps and is set amongst a lush, jungle oasis. The course itself is up there with courses at Wembley and Point Walter in terms of its quality.

7. Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt Mini Golf

Chillisaurus Mini Golf is an 18 hole dinosaur-themed glow in the dark, indoor mini-golf course. Everything from the carpet to the walls and even the golf balls glow in the dark. Putt your way through the feet of glow-in-the-dark dinosaur giants and prehistorical artefacts, coming in all shapes and sizes. There’s also a Bakehouse Cafe for drinks and food.

8. Chillisaurus Mini Golf

The Vines Resort offers you the chance to play 18 holes on an open-air mini-golf course that is set at the picturesque Vines Resort. This course offers some fun obstacles and hazards like sand and water traps. It’s suitable for all ages and all difficulty levels as there are easy or more difficult holes available. Food and drinks are also available here.

9. The Vines Resort

Masonmill Gardens has an 18-hole putt-putt course. The course has some challenges as you have to navigate logs, boulders and even sharp angles and other obstacles and hazards. There’s even a café and bar along with an expansive Irish Village Beer Garden.

10. Masonmill Gardens

Family Fun Park Rottnest Island is home to an arcade, trampoline park and an 18-hole mini-golf course. The course has well shaded and full of fun challenges like coloured walls and more. There’s a cafe that offers homemade crepes, fresh coffee, ice cream and a selection of cold drinks.

11. Family Fun Park Rottnest Island

Murdoch Pines Golf and Recreation Park is a golf driving range that’s home to an 18-hole miniature golf course. Apart from the comprehensive driving range and practice greens, the 18-hole miniature golf course is perfect for kids and families. The course has some obstacles and hazards like sand bunkers and more, they aren’t that challenging but there still fun.

12. Murdoch Pines Golf and Recreation Park

What's the best mini-golf in Mandurah?

The best mini golf in Mandurah would have to be Amaze Miniature Park, for its fun 12-hole open-air mini-golf course.

Where can I play indoor mini-golf in Perth?

There are many places to play indoor mini-golf in Perth including Glowing Rooms, Holey Moley Golf Club Carousel and Chillisaurus Mini Golf.

Where's the best putt-putt in Perth?

Perth is home to some amazing putt-putt places, the best would have to be a tie between Goanna Golf and Wanneroo Botanic Gardens and Mini Golf.

Mini Golf Courses in Perth FAQs

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