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How to Grow Your Instagram Following | Man of Many

Followers to date: 66.9k followers
Posts to date: 505 posts
Instagram handle: @thefilteredfit

1. Brian Liu – Founder and Creative Director of The Filtered Fit

Instagram handle: @theyounggent

2. Stephen K – Founder

Followers to date: 17.8k followers
Posts to date: 468 posts
Instagram handle: @thedistinguishedgentleman_

3. Josh Azzi – The Distinguished Gentleman

Followers to date: 106k followers
Posts to date: 1,815 posts
Instagram handle: @shaunbirley

4. Shaun Birley – Fashion Importer | Exporter and Influencer

Instagram handle: @stevetillystyle

5. Steve Tilbrook – Founder

Followers to date: 38.7k followers
Posts to date: 2,081 posts
Instagram handle: @mrgumbatron

6. Lex Mak –Creative Director of Mr Gumbatron

Instagram handle: @nopaparazziman

7. Paul Juchima – No Paparazzi Man

8. Christian Kimber – The Best Menswear Designer in the World

Instagram handle: @samwines_

9. Sam Wines – Model and Blogger at Man of Style

Followers to date: 43.1k followers
Posts to date: 1,612 posts
Instagram handle: @larrylim_

10. Larry Lim – The Simple Gentleman

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