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How to Pick a Beard to Suit Your Face Shape | Man of Many

A diamond face shape is widest at the cheekbones. The forehead and the jaw are slightly narrower, usually in equal proportions, and the chin is slightly pointed.

Diamond Face Shape

A wider forehead which tapers down through the cheekbones and jawline, ending with a pointed chin.

Heart Face Shape

Squared off at the forehead and jawline, but with cheekbones that match in width. An oblong face is masculine, but long.

Oblong / Rectangle Face Shape

Long and rounded at the forehead and jaw, this shape can support just about any kind of facial hair your heart desires.

Oval Face Shape

Pretty self-explanatory, a round face is as wide at the cheekbones as it is from chin to forehead, and needs the right shape of beard to avoid looking like a perfectly formed orange.

Round Face Shape

Though one of the most rugged, masculine facial shapes out there, it’s surprisingly hard to grow the perfect beard for a square face, as going overboard can too easily be unflattering.

Square Face Shape

Where your jawline is the widest point of your face, tapering upward through the cheekbones and to a narrower forehead and hairline.

Triangle Face Shape

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