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Jonathan Majors' ‘Creed’ Workout & Diet Plan | Man of Many

Age: 33 years
Height: approximately 5 ft 11 inches
Weight: approximately 166 lbs
Acting career: 2017 to the present

Who is Jonathan Majors?

When preparing for a boxing movie, actors are typically tasked with bulking up and then turning any excess fat into muscle over the course of a carefully planned diet routine. Specifically, Majors told Men’s Health that he put on an extra 10 pounds for Creed, an additional five pounds for the role of Kang, and then another six pounds for Magazine Dreams. All the while, he kept his body fat percentage below 10 per cent.

Jonathan Majors Diet and Nutrition Plan

Whether playing a boxer or a pilot or the supervillain Kang, Jonathan Majors clearly has a knack for fearless characters who are larger than life. One gets the impression that he was naturally muscular before these latest roles came along, but don’t take that to mean he didn’t work his butt off. On the contrary, he reportedly spent over a year in the gym when prepping for Creed III.

Jonathan Majors ‘Creed’ Workout Routine

When performing the following back and core workout, Majors would typically complete three sets of each exercise with an average of 10 repetitions per set. Here are the deets.

Back Workout

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