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What is the Soylent Diet? | Man of Many

True to its name, the Soylent diet consists of consuming nothing but Soylent for 30 days or more. In Rhinehart’s view, the idea might seem experimental today, but it could become the norm somewhere down the road. Whether he’s right or not, there’s certainly no harm in putting his product to the test. Or is there? Ehh, not really, unless you count nasty gas as harmful (more on that later).

What is the Soylent Diet?

As most hardcore diet enthusiasts can attest, consuming just one type of food every single day completely transforms the experience of eating altogether. Hence, the first outcome you should expect from the Soylent diet is that you’ll probably stop viewing your meals as anything but “survival fuel.” This is similar to what happens when you go on cleansing diets or even gluten-free diets, which similarly take a lot of gluttonous foods off the table. In turn, you learn to eat as a way to make it through the day without starving, not as a vehicle to indulge.

What to Expect from the Soylent Diet

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