Here Are All 1117 New Emojis for 2020

You know you can’t communicate without them, regardless of how silly or inane they may be. Heck, sometimes you don’t even have any idea what the little symbols mean (or what meaning they could have that you’re not aware of). Emojis are a part of our communication culture, and that culture got a little bigger for 2020 with 117 new emojis to chose from.

The new emojis run the gamut. You’ll find Bubble Tea and a Smiling Face With Tear. Bottle-feeding parents make the cut, as do People Hugging. The Transgender Flag was added, and even more unity and empathy can be shared with the Hugging Face. The “Italian hand gesture,” a pinched finger, made it. Gender inclusivity was a big one for the year with the addition of a woman in a tux as well as a man in a veil. You can find the same tux and veil apparel on the opposite sex as well. When Christmas rolls around, you’ll find Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus (named Mx. Claus) on your list of emojis. Ninjas and faces with the glasses and mustache disguise are available. More animals join the crowd, including a black cat, polar bear, beaver, and even the extinct dodo among many others. Menu items also increased, and there are more objects to choose from.

The release of the new emojis platform dependant, and should roll out throughout the 2020 year. These new emojis are making it possible to say even more, that is if you can remember all of them. No doubt some will rise to the top of the list as popular among users. If you decide to adopt one or several you could help create a new trend—just beware that some of these innocent-looking emojis could have an alternative meaning!

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