Turn Your Pet Into a Warrior With Samurai Armour for Cats & Dogs

Does your feline friend need to get suited up for battle against particularly war-like mice? Got a dog that needs protection going toe-to-toe with the postman? Never fear, for Samurai Age has come to the rescue with a suit of armour designed just for your pet.

Samurai Age is a Japanese retailer that makes novelty reproductions inspired by Japanese Armor. Although most of their products are made for humans, the company’s newest endeavour is pet armour that is specially designed for cats and dogs.

samurai armour fitting on the wall

The armour was made using 3D printing. It comes in a standard size, which will fit small dogs and cats. Made from foam resin, polyurethane and leather, the armour is lightweight and comfortable. Traditional plated styling allows your pet to move freely around. Your furry friend will not even know that they are wearing the suit.

Each suit is completely made by hand. The company will ship overseas. You can either choose a bespoke suit or have a set modelled after amour that was worn by real-life Japanese samurais. The pet armour is available in a variety of colours for your brave warrior pooch or feline.

samurai armour wear in the bottle


Samurai Age says that they plan to make custom suits of armour for larger animals so if your pet pig needs a suit of armour, you’ll soon be in luck.

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