Use the Phone Detox to Bring Sanity Back to Your Life

The School of Life offers you a bit of sanity with their Phone Detox flipbook. You know what it’s like—you can feel the itch in your hands to hold your phone, the yearning to look into its multi-colored screen. In fact, you may be looking at it right now, reading this article. Our phones hold sway over us, demanding our attention be focused on it, rather than life around us. It’s an intense relationship, one that has costs in other areas of our lives from family and friends to work and leisure.

phone detox to bring sanity front cover

Phone Detox is a collection of mini essays designed to promote insight, ideas, and meditation. With the help of these digestible writings, you’ll be able to explore the complex relationship we all have with our electronic devices. The flip book is wire-bound and has 62 pages. It is also pocket size—140 x 70 x 12 mm—so that it is easy to take with you and pull out at a moment’s notice. In the book, you’ll find plenty of topics to explore: addiction, monasticism, poetry, dating, nature, shopping, travel, death, utopia, and more.

phone detox bring sanity multi colored screen

If you can feel that constant tug of the phone calling out for your attention, then the Phone Detox is what you need to help regain control of your life, and learn a little something about yourself and the world we live in at the same time.

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phone detox bring sanity 62 pages

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phone detox bring sanity many topics

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