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The jewish japanese sex cook book and how to raise wolves

The Jewish-Japanese Sex & Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves

Do not let the title of “The Jewish-Japanese Sex & Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves” fool you. There is some raising of wolves but hardly any sex and no real Jewish-Japanese fusion cuisine to speak of. Jack Douglas was a humour writer working in the 1970s and appeared to relish filling his books with as many socially unacceptable jokes as humanly possible. With the benefit of politically correct hindsight, there is no way Douglas would have been published today with his perchance for sexist, racist and homophobic cracks. However, if you fancy an insight into the heyday of the nerve-touching 1970s give Douglas a read. Perhaps it will show just a big a stick we have up our butts these days.

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As incredible it may sound, author Jack Douglas based this book on his personal experiences. After forging a legendary career as a comedy writer–with frequent appearances on both radio and television–Douglas spent his time raising wolves (among other animals). In the book, he pairs life story and comic sensibility to laugh-out-loud effect, taking his main character from the suburbs of Connecticut to the shores of Lost Lake, Ontario. All the while, the crude jokes and absurd antics fly like tennis balls from an automated machine. Meanwhile, a downright zany atmosphere permeates every page, as if the book subsists mainly on the power of wise-cracks.

What Do You Hear From Walden Pond

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Of course, this is just one among numerous gut-busting efforts from Jack Douglas. In addition to his career as a writer for radio and TV, he penned popular books like “What Do You Hear from Walden Pond?” and “Shut Up and Eat Your Snowshoes!” Both those books similarly find the author blending raunchy comedy with personal experience. They might not be appropriate for today’s audiences, but in some ways that makes them all the more refreshing.

Jewish Japanese cookbook

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Despite its inconspicuous appearance, “The Jewish-Japanese Sex & Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves” is actually quite hard to come by these days. In fact, the cheapest copy on Amazon is a whopping $145 USD, and that’s for the paperback edition. Copies listed in “New” condition are in the ballpark of $555 USD and up. Yes, $555 for a mint condition copy of this outrageous book. Needless to say, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled next time we go thrift shopping!

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