WD Gaming Drive Expands PlayStation 4 Storage by 4TB

If you’re quite content with the standard data storage on your PlayStation 4, then you’re simply not playing enough games. Red Dead Redemption 2, Black Ops 4, Destiny 2 and dozens of other recent releases require anywhere up to 100GB of that precious storage space which is why so many gamers are expanding their PS4s by replacing the standard hard drives with bigger ones.

Western Digital is tapping into this market with its WD Gaming Drive capable of expanding PlayStation 4 storage by up to 4TB. This external drive doesn’t require any tools or taking the console apart to connect. Simply plug Gaming Drive into the USB using the included cable. With some quick formatting, it’s game on!

playstation external drive

Five years ago at the console’s launch, PlayStation 4’s internal storage wasn’t enough and games have only gotten bigger. Replacing the internal hard drive safely adds around one extra terabyte of storage. You could always redownload content, but the NBN is not what I’d call a reliable source of internet, so just add an external drive. It’s the easiest way to go about upgrading.

WD Gaming Drive is available in 2TB for $119AUD and 4TB at $199. You can find one in Australia starting December 2018 and each drive is backed by a three year warranty.

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