Netflix’s New Stop-Motion ‘Pokemon’ Series Looks Surprisingly Beautiful

While Ash Ketchum might have hung up his hat and boots for good, there are still plenty of Pokemon adventures to be had. Netflix and The Pokémon Company have treated audiences with a first look at its upcoming series, dubbed, Pokémon Concierge during the recently held Pokémon Presents event. Produced by Dwarf Studios, this upcoming stop-motion animated TV show refreshes the franchise formula and will explore a relatively lesser-known side of the Pokémon universe, which apparently has nothing to do with battling or catching these wild beasts.

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'Pokemon Concierge' (2023) | Image: Netflix

‘Pokemon Concierge’ (2023) | Image: Netflix

Pokémon Concierge will introduce audiences to a whole new character in the form of Haru, who is a concierge at the Pokémon resort. This resort seems to be a getaway place for all the different Pokémon and their trainers, where both can unwind and decompress. The show will tell the story of Haru and “her interactions with Pokémon and their owners who visit as guests.” The announcement was accompanied by a very brief and straightforward yet evasive official trailer, starring Psyduck, looking anxious as always. In the trailer, Psyduck is walking on a white sand beach, following human footsteps.

The overall art style looks pretty soft and easy on the eyes while the soothing and relaxing narration clearly gives off holiday and beach vibes. The show is definitely a drastic departure from the usual format and will present us with a previously unheard/unseen side of the Pokémon universe, showing us how Pokémon and their trainers spend their time when they aren’t busy fighting tournaments. In an official statement, Minyoung Kim, vice president of Netflix content in Asia (excluding India) celebrated the upcoming release and teased that the stop-motion quality of the series will be one of the features we can look forward to.

'Pokemon Concierge' (2023) | Image: Netflix

‘Pokemon Concierge’ (2023) | Image: Netflix

“Netflix is looking forward to delighting fans in Japan and around the world with Pokémon Concierge, an entirely new visual and storytelling experience featuring ground-breaking stop-motion animation set in the Pokémon world in close collaboration with The Pokémon Company,” Minyoung said. “We’re also excited to reveal this new series on Pokémon Day and provide fans with even more things to look forward to on this special holiday celebrating the popular franchise.”

Minyoung further went on to add, “We have a group of experts here in Japan who are passionate about finding and developing original stories here in Japan that will excite audiences all over the world. And we are dedicated to adapting fan-favourite stories and manga into extraordinary shows.”

While no release date has been announced for Pokémon Concierge, Kim says that the show will arrive sometime later this year.

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