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FX Cooks Up Debut Teaser For ‘The Bear’ Season 2

The Bear is back in business and everyone’s invited to the party. FX recently dropped a bombshell revealing that The Bear season two is all set to return this June, even teasing that the next instalment won’t be a “reopening” but more of a “rebirth.” While we aren’t exactly sure what this implies, it could be hinting at the transformation and growth that the characters and the restaurant will be undergoing following the events of season one. Alongside the release month announcement, the Disney-owned network also treated fans to a brief teaser trailer for season two of The Bear, giving us a glimpse at what’s cooking.

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Season one of the hit culinary drama TV series ended with a major and dramatic shocker, with our kitchen crew accidentally (and luckily) stumbling upon stacks of cash rolled inside tomato cans and later deciding to overhaul the restaurant into a more upscale place. The Bear season two will pick up right where we last saw our doughty chefs and if the new teaser is anything to go by we don’t expect things to be easy.

The 30-second trailer walks us through the emotional and mental state of each of the characters and how they are dealing with head chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto’s decision to close his family’s iconic Chicago sandwich shop in favour of something new. The award-winning New York City chef, Carmy was forced to return to Chicago to run his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop called, “The Original Beef of Chicagoland,” following the death of his older brother.

Fx the bear
Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX

The debut season two teaser shows The Beef’s manager, Richie, blankly gazing through a kitchen window while Carmy’s sister Natalie is busy taking down plaques off of the restaurant’s walls. We then move on to the kitchen, where Marcus can be seen packing up all the utensils and Ebraheim standing in an empty storage freezer with a bittersweet look on his face. Tina is busy covering the kitchen equipment with plastic, likely for the renovation, following which we see a shot of Neil, wiping his eyebrow.

The final two characters we see in the trailer are The Beef newbie, Sydney, who’s mopping the floor while looking through a hole in the kitchen wall and our head chef Carmy, who unties his apron and can be seen walking down a corridor. Carmy’s shot is accompanied by his voice in the background asking what sort of style the new restaurant should go with. “Family style? Two tops? Booths?” he asks.

Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear' (2022) | Image: FX
Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX

The teaser concludes with Sydney asking Carmy the ultimate question, “What do you call it (the restaurant)?” Sydney’s question is perfectly timed with a shot of a hand-written note hanging on the iconic Chicago restaurant’s door that reads, “The Beef is closed. Thank you for your patronage.” The Bear season two will consist of 10 episodes and see the return of Jeremy Allen White as Chef Carmy Berzatto and Ayo Edebiri as Sydney, along with the rest of the main gang.

The upcoming season will delve into a range of themes and even show Carmy coming to terms with his brother’s death while simultaneously revamping his restaurant. “Nobody’s fixed and everyone’s a work in progress. Every second counts,” said series creator Christopher Storer while speaking to Variety. Storer also mentioned that the new season won’t see White’s Carmy and Edebiri’s Sydney living together as most audiences had speculated.

He said, “We wanted to make something that was about friendship and a partnership. It really is so funny that that is one of the things that people took away — of all the heavy shit that’s going on in the show! It was interesting because Ayo and Jeremy, since they are our friends and are such wonderful people, I think there is this charisma that comes off both of them.”